Chanterelle Trumpet

Chanterelle Trumpet by Waverunner Audio.

A smoky, soft, subtle solo trumpet with a marrying of quirk and sophistication.
Featuring unique articulations designed to inspire.
Recorded in our Soho studio, London by Adaq Khan.
For every sale, we’ll plant a tree.

$ 39.00

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Waverunner Audio





Focusing on soft and breathy technique, harnessing unique sampled material, explore new and inspired trumpet textures we think will fill a void in your template. For every sale the good folks at Hometree will plant a tree.

From a very playable legato to replicating the sounds of a horse to sustains mimicking Morse code, you’ll easily find something to add extra flavour to your work. Combined with the ‘Seven Day’ Kontakt engine which stacks reverbs and delays, you can swiftly sculpt these sounds into ethereal soundscapes, or loop-like experiments and make them very much your own.

Mic Positions

OMNI – stereo capturing of the studio offering air to the sound
RIBBON – More up close and personal, a beautiful warm, direct sound


Reverb 1
Reverb 2
Delay 1
Delay 2

Simply click which effect you would like to use and the controls will appear. The stacking of reverb and delay allows easy creation of ethereal and modified soundscapes. Behind the scenes the FX chain is as follows:

Tape – Reverb 1 – Delay 1 – Delay 2 – Reverb 2 – Stereo – Limiter

Controlling Levels

Stacking reverbs and delays can quickly add up and increase the volume significantly, so be sure to keep an eye on levels to avoid any distorted sounds coming through. To help control levels when you feel like cranking things up, the ‘limiter’ toggle is available on all screens. The limiter can also be used as a creative tool when an over-driven crushed sound is desired. Simple turn the limiter on and crank the ‘verb and delay mixes up, and also try cranking the warmth and gain in the tape FX too. This crushed sound is a flavour favourite here at Waverunner Audio.


Legato: a beautifully playable soft true legato
cc1 for dynamics

Sustain: Held non-vibrato notes
cc1 for dynamics

Short: short performance notes
velocity for dynamics

Morse Code: long sustains weaving in and out of held notes and short notes for a unique textured sound, inspired by Morse code
no cc control

Random Vibrato: long sustains back and forth between non-vibrato, entering varying vibrato and returning to non-vibrato at random
no cc control

Muted Random Vibrato: as above, performed with mute
no cc control

Growls: Held notes with progressive ‘bite’
cc1 for dynamics

Horses: As famously heard at the end of ‘Sleigh Ride’, a technique mimicking a horse whinny
no cc control

What’s Wrong With Your Horse: the above spread out across the keyboard range
no cc control


  • 8 articulations
  • Recorded at 96k, presented at 24bit/48k
  • Individually watermarked to you
  • 600mb (Kontakt compressed from 1.3gb)

Requirements for Chanterelle Trumpet by Waverunner Audio

Full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.6 +
Requires Pulse to download

Operating System





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