Church Bells

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Waverunner Audio’s Church Bells brings beautifully captured bells of an historical English church to your fingertips. Each of the 12 Bells were recorded from 4 positions at multiple round robins in and around the church; we scaled the ladders and laid many metres of cable to 2 rooftop, 1 church yard and 1 bell tower positions. The result is a flexible, playable church bell instrument with a rich, authentic sound. Alongside the traditional rope pull technique, we took the opportunity to capture a second, unique articulation; walking the scaffolding of the bell tower, tapping the clapper on the bell by hand. This seldom, if ever heard sound is included with 2 bell tower mic positions. The sound is a softer timbre with a more intimate ring. A bonus Bell Synth is included; an organic synth created using the spectral information of the bells.

The bells have their own unique tuning which have been preserved for this sample pack. Please listen to audio demos for comparisons to 440hz tuning.

Patches and GUI

Main articulation with x5 round robin and x4 mic perspectives

Unique second articulation of hitting the clapper to the bell by hand

An organic synth patch made from the spectral information of the bells

Main patch with ambient noise left in


  • x4 mic perspectives: roof close, roof far, church grounds, bell tower
  • Chromatically mapped
  • x5 round robin
  • x2 articulations: rope pull (normal) / hand played (hitting the clapper on the bells by hand x2 round robin)
  • 24bit/48k
  • 270mb download / 300mb unpacked (NI compressed from 1gb)


Full version of Kontakt 5.4.2 onwards

Operating System



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