Solo Voice: Kat

Solo Voice: Kat by Waverunner Audio is a sinematic solo voice featuring ‘mmm’ legato, sustains and pad from Waverunner Audio.

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Solo Voice: Kat by Waverunner Audio - Female Legato Vocal Library

Solo Voice: Kat presents a highly playable, musical and cinematic sound of a favourite vocal articulation of ours: ‘mmm’. The focus is a smooth, playable legato to allow easy writing and combined with the ‘Seven Days Kontakt engine’ that features stacked reverb and delays, allows you to easily sculpt ethereal vocal soundscapes.

Controlling levels

Stacking reverbs and delays can quickly add up and increase the volume significantly, so be sure to keep an eye on levels to avoid any distorted sounds coming through. To help control levels when you feel like cranking things up, the ‘limiter’ toggle is available on all screens. The limiter can also be used as a creative tool when an over-driven crushed sound is desired. Simple turn the limiter on and crank the ‘verb and delay mixes up, and also try cranking the warmth and gain in the tape FX too. This crushed sound is a flavour favourite here at Waverunner Audio.


  • ‘mmm’ legato: a highly playable, cinematic legato of the ‘mmm’ articulation with vibrato control. cc1 for vibrato control
  • ‘mmm’ sustain: ‘mmm’ sustains with x2 rr and vibrato control. cc1 for vibrato control
  • Twilight Navigation: an ethereal pad turning Kat’s voice into a choir. no cc control
  • Twilight Navigation (modwheel FX): as above but with added CC1 control for FX textures. cc1 for gate control


  • Recorded at 96k, presented at 24bit/48k
  • Highly playable, cinematic legato
  • mmm’ sustains with x2 rr
  • ethereal pad turning Kat’s voice into a choir


  • Requires the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.6 +
  • Not compatible with Kontakt Player
  • 160mb (Kontakt compressed from 400)


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