Swirly Drums

Our first commercial sample library, where we pioneered the sampling of snare stirs. It also contains some unique things, especially the percussion: brushed cowbell, darbouka, djembe and bongos and a cajon used as a kick. There’s also a China cymbal and a few cracked or broken cymbals. Now that we’ve released an improved stir model in Unruly Drums, those are probably its main attractions.

For the more standard kit pieces, you get brushed drums with snare stirs and flutters that are flexible and controllable, a hi-hat with six degrees of openness, five toms, and a kick.

$ 9.00


Karoryfer Samples


1.6 GB



Walkthrough video

While brushes on drums are most commonly associated with jazz, but this kit is more indie – all the kit pieces sampled belong to punk and metal drummers, they’re just being hit gently with brushes instead of beaten with sticks and without mercy.


  • 20″ marching kick
    hit, pedal noise
  • Cajon
    kick pedal hit
  • Snare
    center hit, edge hit, dig, long and short stir, long and short flutter, dig release noise
  • Hi-hat
    hits with six degrees of openness, foot chik, splash, pedal return noise
  • Crash, ride, splash, China crash, broken crash and cracked splash cymbal
  • 16″, 13″, 12″, 10″ and 8″ toms
  • Cowbell
  • Djembe
  • Bongos
    low and high
  • Darbouka




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