Many of the libraries that we sell on Pulse are not usable with Kontakt Player. That means you cannot load them in Kontakt by clicking on the “Add Library” button. If the Kontakt library doesn’t come with a serial number, then it cannot be added using the “Add Library” button. Instead you need to extract the library, and navigate to the .nki files via the “Files” tab in Kontakt
In Kontakt click on File and “Batch Resave”. When the window pops up, find the main folder where the samples are located and press OK. Kontakt will find the .nki files, then ask you where the missing samples are. Click on the main folder once more and it will automatically re-save the instrument with all of the correct file locations – no more errors!
Unfortunately due to the digital nature of the products we sell, we’re unable to refund customers as we have no proof that the software is deleted when a refund is given.

Please contact us for more information