Gypsy Fiddle

Passionate Gypsy fiddle library for Kontakt recorded in Sofia, Bulgaria with 20 core & extended articulations and 15 traditional ornaments, plus 650 Phrases & FX! 4 performance modes, customizable double stops, adjustable bow attacks and rebowing options & more! Features TACT articulation control system plus an 8-slot FX rack.

Bowed Guitar Clouds

Create rich, organic evolving textures with sounds sourced from bowed guitars, including a Semi-Acoustic Bass, a Hollowbody 1950s Electric Guitar and a Portuguese steel-string ukulele (Braguinha).

Shreddage 3: Precision

The most classic electric bass is at your fingertips! Recorded in impeccable detail with 5 flatwound strings and a warm analog signal path, Shreddage 3 Precision features fingered, picked, and slapped playing, plus a plethora of other core bass techniques. An incredibly versatile bass for any genre of music!

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