Kemençe of the Black Sea

Kemençe of the Black Sea is a bowed string instrument which originated on the southern shore of the Black Sea. This is not the pear-shaped “classical” kemençe, but the long box-shaped folk version. The instrument was sampled and programmed by Jordan Von Xerxes, who doesn’t play it in the traditional style. While it can be used for traditional music, the way it’s played also fits with the past few years Nordic trend of quietly played, intimately recorded strings with human imperfections.

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The library was recorded with an X-Y stereo pair of microphones in front and a piezo “contact” microphone taped to the back of the instrument’s body. Tail release samples are included for a more natural release sound and can be played by themselves, which gives the sound similar to a plucked instrument. The instrument also features simulated legato, vibrato, and unison.


  • Staccato
  • Pizzicato
  • Col legno battuto
  • Noises (Percussive sounds)
  • Natural
  • Sul ponticello
  • Artificial harmonics
  • Tremolo fast
  • Tremolo slow
  • Col legno tratto
  • Noises (bowing behind bridge and bow swirled on body)


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