Warning Signs

WARNING SIGNS is a premium sound design collection, created in collaboration with Gonçalo Penas, featuring unique and disquieting sonic elements that have their roots into deep electronic music experimentations.

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Warning Signs

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Kontakt & WAV Format Cinematic Sound Design

The soundpack comes with 500+ Designed sounds which are fresh and inspiring, invaluable when you are looking to spice up your productions with captivating cinematic sound design.

The collection covers a wide range of signature sounds, also introducing new classes of sonic elements:

  • Disquieting Signals (34)
  • DistoKicks (25)
  • Movements (76)
  • Larsens (26)
  • Pings (36)
  • Warnings (34)
  • Booms (29)
  • Braams (29)
  • Rumbles (7)
  • Suckbacks (45)
  • Whooshes (166)

Kontakt instruments categories:

  • Booms, BoomDrops (Short and Long Release)
  • Pitch Mapped Braams (8ve∿ range, All tuned to the same pitch, Bending)
  • Disquieting Signals (Normal, Unstable / Bending)
  • DistoKicks, DistoKickDrops (Short and Long Release)
  • Larsens (Normal, Bending)
  • Movements (Normal Speed, Faster / Short and Long Release)
  • Pitch Mapped Pings (8ve∿ range, All with Original Pitch, All bending)
  • Rumbles, RumbleDrops (Short and Long Release)
  • Suckbacks (Normal, Pulsing)
  • Warnings (Short and Long Release, Bending)
  • Whooshes (Slow, Medium, Fast, Faster, Fast Doppler, Faster Doppler)


  • Premium Sound Design collection featuring captivating signature sounds with a disquieting cinematic vibe
  • 1.08GB of content
  • 500+ Designed Sounds 48/24 WAV
  • 48 Kontakt Instruments


Full Retail Version of Kontakt Required (5.8 or later) – Kontakt Free Player not supported

Operating System: N/A



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