Alloy Vol I

Alloy Vol I by Naroth Audio: introducing a new series of musical tools. Alloy. These chromatic discs were intensively sampled, giving you the ability to achieve a true performance and sound.

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Naroth Audio


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Alloy Vol I by Naroth Audio - Tuned Chromatic Discs Percussion

Requirements Full Retail Version of Kontakt 6.5 (or later) required Intel Core Duo 2.3GHz (or higher) 32bit & 64bit supported User Manual Included​ Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (latest Service Pack) macOS 10.13 (or higher) RAM 4 GB RAM (Minimum) / 8 GB RAM (Recommended)

Beautiful. Warm. Pure

Alloy Vol. I is a tribute to the elements that shape the world around us. These elegantly crafted and masterfully tuned discs were sampled intensively and purposefully.

Sampled with 4 articulations – wool mallet, rubber mallet, wooden stick, and muted. Each articulation offers 5 dynamic ranges with 5 round robins per dynamic allowing you a pure + realistic performance. Close mic’d in stereo, these instruments give you full flexibility with how you choose to process their natural sound.

Curated Presets & More

On top of that we explored in depth the sonic possibilities these sounds could offer with numerous curated patches developed for the minimal fx rack as well as ran audio through various outboard gear chains to create unique and interesting pads, pulses, basses, fx, + drumkits.

Smart Sequencer

Built-in smart sequencer with 16 play modes and a simple interface allowing for easy rhythmic sequencing

Minimal FX Engine

Built with the discs in mind, our custom FX rack allows you to craft interesting takes on these discs with ease and 10 hand-crafted FX presets to get you going.

Creativity In Mind

Alloy: Vol 1 was developed to capture the raw sound of the discs, but we took it further to experiment with everything they can do, from pads to pulses, subs and more.

1 review for Alloy Vol I

  1. Jake O’Connor

    Stunningly beautiful. Extremely high quality instrument with lots of versatility and flexibility. The bonus “kits” “pads” etc. are also very effective and inspiring. This is one-stop shop for all your mallet/meditation bowl/cimbalom type sound desires. I am very eager for future volumes!!

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