Atelier Series Amy by Musical Sampling is a legato vocal sample library with a tone somewhere between classical and pop.

The library contains “ah”, “mm” and a collection of beautiful, vowel-evolving sustains processed with a variety of hardware pedals, making it ideal for emotional and cinematic contexts.

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Musical Sampling




Amy by Musical Sampling

Female Legato Vocals With a Tone Between Classical & Pop

Atelier Series Amy is a legato vocal release intended for emotional and cinematic contexts.

For this we wanted a tone that was somewhere between classical and pop. As luck would have it, our co-producer knew someone who not only fit the brief but also had the kind of vocal stamina this project required. Enter Amy Griffin; a talented vocalist and music educator.

We’ve included two extensively-recorded legato patches performed “long-style”. This means there are no programmed crossfades into a target sustain after playback of the legato interval. This involves far more recording time (12 hours in this case) than traditional legato sampling but ensures a seamless performance that also retains Amy’s natural progression in vibrato; musically-unique for every interval across the range.

Also included is Everlasting – a collection of beautiful, vowel-evolving sustains processed with a variety of hardware pedals. Every sample ebbs and flows; each note unique in how they evolve and loop. This keyswitch suite includes six presets: Beauty, Tundra, Celestial, Elysium, The Signal and Creation.

musical sampling


•  Amy Emotional Legato – Ahh
• Amy Emotional Legato – Mmm
• Everlasting – Keyswitch


• Produced for emotional and cinematic contexts
• Natural, progressive vibrato
• Non-looped performances
• Legato transitions < sustains recorded “long-style”
• Includes beautiful evolving sustains keyswitch patch
• Adjustable reverb of custom hall impulse


• Requires full retail version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher
• Free Kontakt Player NOT supported
• Recorded in 48khz / 24bit
• 1.4 GB compressed NCW format

About the Vocalist

Amy Griffin is a singer and music educator from Dothan, AL. She studied music education and psychology at Troy University where she sang in the school of music’s Collegiate Singers, Concert Chorale, Opera Workshop, and Frequency vocal jazz ensemble.

Amy’s teaching experience includes elementary music, chamber choir, show choir, a cappella pop, music appreciation, theory, private voice and drama. She also served as a worship leader and church choral director during her education and early career.

Currently, Amy teaches at Houston Academy in Dothan, AL and is an active member of the Alabama Music Educators Association, Alabama Vocal Association and National Association for Music Education. She enjoys singing as a guest soloist for commencement ceremonies, sporting events and weddings. She also enjoys participating in the Southeast Alabama Community Theatre and Tri-State Community Choir.


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    I don’t wanna play her samples, I wanna play with her….

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