Antique Metal Percussion

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Antique Metal Percussion by unEarthed Sampling

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Antique Metal Percussion - Unique Metallic Percussion

Scripted Control

Should you want to tinker a bit with the patches (and we certainly encourage you to), the included GUI makes it very easy to tweak a handful of the most important parameters and includes toggle able convolution reverb (with custom and select able impulse responses), a built in Arpeggiator, pitch control, control of the attack and release of each instrument, ability to control the low, med, and hi EQ range.

On top of that, every hit has 4 X round robins to help fight repetition and all of the instruments are velocity sensitive. There are also tons of FX atonal pads, huge FX hits, reversals, and scrapes… which is some horrific / dramatic stuff.


  • Unique set of antique artifacts turned into percussion!
  • 42 Kontakt patches total
  • Instruments are sampled from the following items:
  • A turn of the century Copper Fire Extinguisher
  • WW II .50 Cal Metal Ammo Box
  • WW II Mk II Grenade (Decomissioned… we think..)
  • Seaside Lantern from back east
  • An old Iron Headboard
  • an old (haunted?) library book cart
  • Over 330 unique samples
  • 4 x RR for each hit
  • Highly (and easily) tweakable GUI
  • Toggleable Convolution Reverb 
  • Control the High, Mid, and LO EQ tweaks from the GUI

1 review for Antique Metal Percussion

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nice metal perc vst very competitively priced compared with others out there (i.e. Spitfire’s new Metal Perc instrument for > $300 -on Sale?)

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