Arcadia: Grand Piano

Arcadia: Grand Piano – 4 specialised articulations. Over 3600 samples. A nuanced grand piano plug-in.

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Arcadia: Grand Piano - Exquisitely Crafted Grand Piano Plugin

Arcadia: Grand Piano is an exquisitely crafted grand piano plugin, meticulously recorded in the subdued acoustics of a private family lounge.

Designed to perform with versatility — whether in a solo setting, or a larger ensemble — this grand piano captures the intricacies of an expressive performance with subtlety and precision.

Arcadia presents a natural and neutral audience perspective, captures the delicate nuances of internal pedal and key mechanics, and accurately delivers the deep resonances and rich overtones expected from a genuine acoustic performance.


  • up to 5 recorded dynamic layers.
  • up to 4 round-robins per sample, for natural variation and realism.
  • contains 4 articulations: sustained, staccato, felted and una corda.
  • additional samples of internal key and pedal mechanics.
  • included dynamic filter, for adjusting the playable dynamic range.
  • built-in reverb and envelope controls.
  • intuitive and resizable user interface.

Audio Demonstrations

The below demonstrations were performed digitally, using the arcadia instrument.

System requirements

Arcadia is available as a virtual instrument plugin for Windows and MacOS (10.6 Snow Leopard or later), and as an instrument for elemental player.

Native support for Apple Silicon is available for VST3, AU, AAX and Standalone formats.

The Arcadia installer contains VST3, AU, AAX and Standalone formats.

Includes iLok License Manager.

  • number of samples: 3,632
  • installation size: ~ 4.0GB
  • Arcadia can be installed on external storage if desired.
  • for 64-bit / Apple Silicon operating systems only.
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