Baconwulf is a virtual electric bass guitar instrument using samples of the same instrument we sampled for the blue part of Black And Blue Basses.

A 5-string no-name luthier instrument with a baby blue Thunderbird-shaped body.

This time it’s tuned in fifths, starting with E an octave below the standard bass guitar low E, and some samples are recorded tuned even lower than that.

As a bright bass with low tuning, this should work for rock, and the extended techniques can also be used for industrial, ambient and noisier, weirder types of rock.

All recordings are direct signal, dry and unprocessed, with all knobs on 10.

Please note: Requires the free Plogue Sforzando sampler, which works on 64-bit Windows and Mac systems, 4 GB RAM, and an SSD.

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4.8 GB


Baconwulf - Bright Electric Bass Guitar With Low Tuning

  • Extended low range an octave below the standard low E on most techniques, additionally extended to C and A below that on some techniques
  • Up to four velocity layers
  • Up to eight round robins
  • Ordinary picking, picking near the bridge, hammer-ons and pull-offs
  • Three types of muting: ghost notes, palm muting, palm-muted ghost notes
  • Harmonics
  • Three types of slides
  • Fingering noises
  • Extended techniques: Pick scrapes, pick stabs with five stab locations, and body punches
  • Screwdriver taps, screwdriver rubs, hits to the body with a knife handle, using a bottle as a pick, using a copper pipe as a slide, to hit the strings, to bounce off the strings
  • Prepared bass techniques: the copper pipe under the strings, two binder clips on the strings in plucked and tremolo versions, wooden clothespin on the strings in two locations, paper plate between the strings, toilet paper over the neck pickup
  • Sympathetic resonance from bowing a double bass in long, short and tremolo versions
  • 10 types of various noise effects
  • Vibrato with humanization
  • Two types of release noises
  • Feedback
  • Unison mode
  • Over 7500 samples

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