Blent 10 Ambient Fluctuations

Blent 10 Ambient Fluctuations is the final installment in the Blent Series and offers users the most unique engine of the series.

With Blent 10 Ambient Fluctuations, you have the power to displace the played note in time, creating unpredictable ambient soundscapes and evolving pads.

The Motion Page allows you to set rules for how the notes linger and dance in the time dimension, adding a whole new level of depth to your compositions.

Please note: FULL retail version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or later is required. NOT for Kontakt Player.

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Blent 10 Ambient Fluctuations - Time-Displacing Ambient Soundscape Engine for Kontakt

But that’s not all!

With just the touch of a Mod-Wheel, with the Blent Series’ Blender engine, you can manipulate each of the four layers’ sounds in various ways.

Whether it’s moving them in the stereo field, crossfading between them, changing their pitch or filtering them out, you have full control over creating endless mutations and setting the perfect mood for your composition.

Experience the limitless possibilities with Blent 10 Ambient Fluctuations today.

Welcome to the Blent Series

Blent Series instruments are designed to excel in their specific functions, allowing users to achieve their desired sounds quickly and easily.

The standout feature of Blent is the Blender, which enables users to blend the four available layers using customizable curves for seamless crossfading.

In addition to these features, each Blent Plus instrument offers a unique feature that sets it apart as a specialized tool for specific tasks.

Other instruments in the Blent Plus Series include Blent 67, 8 and 9.

Layers Galore

Blent 10 Ambient Fluctuations includes four sound layers, each with its own dedicated page packed with essential controls to shape your sound.

The layer page works seamlessly with the Blender engine, allowing you to set minimum and maximum values for Volume, Pan, Pitch, and Filter.

These settings are used by the Blender engine to expertly mold the sound curves for an evolving sound experience.

But that’s not all – the layers page also offers controls for Volume Envelope Attack and Release, Delay and Reverb Effects Send, and knobs to adjust the overall tone with precision.

Want to fine-tune your sound even further?

Blent provides Low-Pass and High-Pass filters for that perfect finishing touch.

Blent 10 Ambient Fluctuations by Audiofier layers gui
Blent 10 Ambient Fluctuations by Audiofier blenders gui

Evolving Sound

The Layers Blending Page is the heart of the Blent Series, it allows users creating dynamic and evolving sounds. 

With four layers coming together and blending, users can activate the mod-wheel to transition between different sounds seamlessly. 

The volume, panning, pitch, and filters can all be customized with user-defined curves, giving endless possibilities for unique sound design. 

Each layer’s parameter will follow a master curve or individual curves.

Do you want a smooth filter close with a slope down curve while the sound pans from left to right with a convex curve?

Or have the Pitch dramatically deepen and come back to centre with a concave curve while the Volume increases?

Blent 10 Ambient Fluctuations empowers you to create your own signature sound.

One Mighty Control

Each layer in this series is equipped with a special knob that allows for precise adjustments and enhancements.

Whether you’re looking to add depth, texture, or motion to your tracks, the Blent Series has got you covered.

In Blent 9 Tensionscapes, with the Motion Knob, you can effortlessly introduce pulsating rhythms and captivating volume dynamics to any layer with ease, with a synced LFO controlling the volume.

Say goodbye to dull and static sounds.

Blent 10 Ambient Fluctuations by Audiofier global gui

Global Controls

The Global Page offers master controls for Delay and Convolution Reverb, with plenty reverb and sound design impulse responses which will complement, enhance or even radically alter the sound.

It also includes mapping controls for easier integration with other Blent instruments.

Dedicated Browser

With the Blent Plus instruments’ easy-to-use Browser page, finding the perfect sound has never been easier.

The Sample pool has been meticulously divided into 8 sound categories, allowing you to quickly navigate through all the available options.

By simply clicking on each sound source name, you can preview the samples and find exactly what you’re looking for in no time.

Say goodbye to endless searching and hello to effortless creativity with Blent Plus instruments.

Included Loops Categories:

  • Cinematic Noises
  • Woodwinds Effects
  • Bowed Effects
  • Chilling Scapes
  • Guitar/Bass Chaos
  • Vocal Experiments
  • Tonal Scapes
  • Atonal Scapes
Blent 10 Ambient Fluctuations by Audiofier browser gui
Blent 10 Ambient Fluctuations by Audiofier motion gui

Blendeggiator/ Motion Page

This innovative software displaces the played note in time, following specific rules set for the Blendeggiator engine in the Motion Page.

The result?

Unpredictable ambient soundscapes and evolving pads where the played notes linger and dance in the time dimension.

With Blent 10 Ambient Fluctuations, you have endless possibilities for musical mutations, allowing you to shape and control the moods of your composition.

Whether you’re looking to create ethereal atmospheres or experimental soundscapes, Blent 10 Ambient Fluctuations is your go-to tool for pushing boundaries and unlocking new sonic horizons.

Randomisation Delight

With just the touch of a button, Blent instruments create a whole new patch, allowing musicians and producers to easily and effortlessly explore endless sonic possibilities.

Whether you want to tweak the Blender Settings or completely transform the effects and sounds, our intelligent randomisation system ensures that you always achieve perfectly usable and unique sounds.

Say goodbye to stagnant presets and hello to creative inspiration with Blent 10 Ambient Fluctuations from the Blent Series.

With Blent Series, you have everything you need to unleash your creativity and achieve professional-quality sound design.

Let your imagination run wild and create sonic masterpieces like never before.

Elevate your music production experience with Blent Series!

Blent 10 Ambient Fluctuations - Key Features

  • 4 sound layers.
  • 134 multi-sampled sound sources.
  • Min and Max controls per layer for: Volume, Pan, Pitch (or Fine Tune) & Filter (Hi/Low-Pass).
  • Attack & Release per layer.
  • Reverb & Delay Effects sends per layer.
  • Tone & additional Low/Hi pass control per layer.
  • Volume LFO control per layer.
  • Blender (Layers Blending) Engine, 4 automatable parameters per layer, following 4 available curves types, controlled by Mod-Wheel.
  • Master Convolution Reverb & Delay Effects controls.
  • Master Low & High Pass Filters
  • Sound Browser.
  • Blendeggiator Page, where sounds are time-displaced.
  • 8 recallable Scenes.
  • Octave Shift per layer.
  • Randomisation engine with several randomisation strength levels.