Cattaneo Upright Piano

CATTANEO Upright Piano is an intimate, unique-sounding piano which is simply perfect for songwriting, indie/pop and introspective scoring.

Please note: FULL retail version of Kontakt 6.6.1 or later is required. NOT for Kontakt Player.

$ 99.00

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10.13 GB


Cattaneo Upright Piano - Intimate, Unique Sounding Piano for Kontakt

With its HUMAN layer, real samples of pedal-sustained notes that get engaged whenever you use your midi sustain pedal (together with press/release noises responding to it when activated), you’ll feel like you were playing the real instrument.

Additionally you can engage 2 sound design layers to add swells and analog distortion, and one extra color layer, created by sampling a vintage claviharp.

Use them combined or solo to achieve unique, surprising results.

Engage the cassette tape noises and wobble FX to enter a lo-fi world, add rhythm and movement with the arpeggiator, top-class reverb algorithms, delay, and 3 built-in pedal FX with 6 different FX types to choose.

All you need to create beautiful piano music and beyond.

FX & Controls

  • ATTACK: customize the attack to your taste
  • REVERB: choose between 6 top-class algorithms
  • DELAY chose your delay type (Normal/Ping-Pong), time subdivision menu and level
  • SUSTAIN PEDAL Volume: if you engage it, it reacts to your midi sustain pedal sounding like a real one
  • TAPE SECTION: turn your electric piano into a lo-fi gem
  • Tape Noises: choose between 6 samples cassette tape hiss types
  • Wobble: add wobbling to get those typical, random detuning effects
  • 3 FX PEDALS with 6 FX types each to choose between Eq, Compression, Saturation, Chorus, Phaser and Leslie


  • 4996 samples in ncw. format
  • Size: 10,13 GB (Uncompressed file)
  • 16 GB of RAM or more is highly recommended
  • 5 mixable channels
  • PIANO: main sound
  • HUMAN: mic to capture human noises
  • SWELL: sound designed swells
  • RUST: distortion
  • COLOR: claviharp