Cinematic Solo FX

Welcome to Cinematic Solo FX – Unlock new dimensions of orchestral solo FX. Within Cinematic Solo FX (CSFX) lies not one, but two distinct libraries.

We created this FX library from two perspectives. Enter the realms of Authentic and Processed.

Authentic is the FX captured crystal clear and what you might expect in a solo FX orchestral library.

Processed ventures into the realm of innovation, transforming those same sounds into something entirely new through multiple ranges of sound manipulation, modular mangling and via our sample libraries Kontakt engine.

Please note: FULL retail version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or later is required. NOT for Kontakt Player.

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Triumph Audio


3.81 GB


Cinematic Solo FX - Orchestral Cinematic Solo Effects Sample Library

Consider CSFX not just a library, but a versatile toolbox to complement your existing sample collection and template, infusing your music with fresh solo FX.

Flute, Alto Flute, Alto & Tenor Sax, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet & Trumpet round out this powerful library featuring many Keyswitch patches making the samples immediately accessible.

Throughout the Authentic side of the library, you’ll find realistic FX and articulations like major and minor arps, runs, glisses, rips, jazz licks, fall-offs, clusters, flutter tongues, phrases, trills, pitch bends, swells, staccatos and more.

Various patches utilize our keyboard transpose function that will allow you to get those effects into the correct pitch right away.

But we didn’t stop there – while the authentic patches offer a breadth of realistic fx and articulations, the processed material and patches are where this library shines even brighter.

CSFX thrives in the realm of processed creativity.

We’ve elevated the library to new heights Triumph style, manipulating raw audio to birth a plethora of new textures, ambient pads, drones, strange and beautiful pulses, processed fx, and more.

Prepare to experience orchestral fx reborn in unconventional ways.

Also included are Engine Processed Patches, these patches utilize our Triumph Engine and give a different perspective to the authentic patches.

To top it off, we’ve included a plethora of MOD FX patches that allow you to go from one version of a dry or lesser processed sample into a more heavily affected version by simply using the MOD wheel – do not miss out on these patches! 

CSFX caters to a multitude of genres & applications, ensuring your music stands out in any context.

This Is Cinematic Hybrid Sampling 2.0


  • CSFX features two libraries in one:
    • Authentic and Processed each with 5 different instrument categories: Flute, Alto Flute, Alto & Tenor Sax, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet & Trumpet
  • Authentic – Powerful and realistic solo FX recorded with maximum detail and Clarity. Featured on the Authentic side are Artist-Made Engine Processed patches that take the authentic material and process them through our Triumph Audio Engine.
  • Processed – the Authentic completely mangled, manipulated, and re-imagined. Featured on the Processed features unique Drones, Pads, Leads, Rhythmic Pulses, Events & FX.
  • MOD FX – using the mod wheel in a MOD FX patch will allow you to go from a less/not affected version version into an effects-laden version. For any non MOD FX patches, use the MOD wheel to control filter cutoff.


  • Powered by our custom Triumph Audio Engine.
  • Total Patch Count: 272
  • Library Size: 3.81GB (before download and compression)
  • Full Retail Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher required (Kontakt Player not supported)
  • 24bit / 48k uncompressed wav sample files

The absolute coolest sounds. Genuinely no idea how Triumph Audio even came up with this stuff, it’s just incredible. Cinematic Solo FX found a spot in my template instantly!

Credits: PUBG Mobile, RWBY, Beyblade, and Apex Legends Mobile.

Mason Lieberman
Jason Derlatka

Cinematic Solo FX is a fresh and exciting addition to my toolbox… sounds that can breath new life into any project, especially scoring drama.

Credits – Composer: House, Parenthood, Goliath, The Resident. Keyboards and backing vocals for Journey.

Triumph’s Cinematic Solo FX immediately adds sonic layers that make mockups sound more alive and vibrant.

Credits: The Old Way, The Owl House, and You Might be the Killer.