Codename Renegade

Codename: Renegade contains all the tonal sound design and guitar material found in Boutique Drums Renegade.

If you’re looking at picking up Renegade but only want the sound design material, this pack is for you!

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Codename Renegade

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Codename Renegade – Sound Design & Guitars

Codename: Renegade contains all the tonal sound design and guitar material found in Boutique Drums Renegade. After the latter was released, we received emails and messages requesting that the non-percussive material be made available as a standalone library. We answered!

Designed for cinematic contexts, nu-metal, pop, rock and synthwave, this collection includes 20 thoughtfully-crafted patches built from a variety of sources, including: fat analog synths, electric pianos, orchestral recordings, eight-string electric guitar, bass guitar and nylon guitars.

So if you were eyeballing Boutique Drums Renegade but would rather just grab the tonal sound design content and guitars, this is the one to get!

NOTE: This library does not contain the drums from Boutique Drums Renegade!

Analog Synths

  • Aggrsn Bass
  • Beacon Pluck – Dusty
  • Beacon Pluck – Pure
  • Bottom Line 2
  • Ember Haze Keys
  • Juggernaut Activated
  • Navigator Bass
  • Noise Discipline Bass

Analog Synths

  • Overwatch Pad
  • Penance Pad
  • Rebel Leader
  • Recon Helo Pulser
  • Supremacy Pad
  • Surveillance Helo Pulser
  • The Signal Bass
  • Incursion Keypad

Guitars & Bass

  • Distorted 8 -String GTR
  • Distorted Bass GTR
  • Double-Tracked Nylon GTR
  • Single-Track Nylon GTR

What’s Included

  • Sound design and guitars from Boutique Drums Renegade
  • 20 multi-genre playable sound design patches


  • Reverb control of custom impulses
  • CC assignment option for select patches


  • Requires full retail version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher
  • Free Kontakt Player NOT supported
  • Recorded in 48khz / 24bit
  • 1.4 GB compressed NCW format


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