Cy-Kick is your cybernetic side-kick in your next headbanger.

Tired of the same old drum samples that make you sound like any bedroom producer?

Want to finally stand out and claim your place in the music industry or, as an already established producer, take a bold step into the future, 2077?

With Cy-Kick, immerse yourself in a world of gritty electrifying drums, where the neon glow of the city pulses to the rhythm of the streets.

Please note: FULL retail version of Kontakt 7.5.0 or later is required. NOT for Kontakt Player.

$ 49.00

Earn $3 store credit after purchase


Ergo Kukke


615 MB


Cy-Kick - A New Era Starts Here

To get you producing quickly, Cy-Kick comes with 55 Layered snapshots and 186 Single sound snapshots, totalling 241 snapshots.

It’s easy to modify them or make your own.

Snapshots include 808, Bass, Clap, Hats & Cymbals, Epic Hits, FX, Fills, Kick, Lead, Percussion and Snare.

I see where “human music” is heading and Cy-Kick will help you be a step ahead of the great artificial movement” – Ergo Kukke

Unleash your Cy-Kick powers to teach the robots a lesson!

Cy-Kick is perfect for EDM, Cinema and other hard-hitting genres.

Cy-Kick main GUI

What's Included?

  • 572 individual 32bit/48-96khz sounds and 1947 total WAV’s
  • 29 808’s
  • 45 Claps
  • 50 Epic Hits
  • 69 FX & Layers
  • 74 Hats, Cymbals
  • 104 Kicks
  • 118 Percussion Hits
  • 83 Snares
  • WAV’s are categorized and usable without Kontakt if needed
  • Works with Kontakt 7.5.0+