Drift 001

Drift 001 offers achingly beautiful sounds from a cunningly simple interface. Wow, flutter & throb in abundance – minimal maximalism at its finest!

Hybrid electro acoustic bliss – pianos, strings, synths, tape, spiderwebs & more.  ​11 deeply sampled hybrid articulations with 5GB of 24bit multi samples and 100 glorious snapshots

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Sound Dust


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Drift 001 by Sound Dust

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Drfit 001 - Minimal In Front, Complex Behind the Curtain

Here at Sound Dust, we like to create instruments that inspire and stimulate new music and new ways of making music. This often involves building impossible contraptions packed with possibilities…they also tend to have quite a lot of controls.

DRIFT 001 goes in a different direction –  simple at the front, complex behind the curtain. The business end is just 4 large knobs:  Grist, ADSR, Morph and Space combine multiple functions for uncomplicated and intuitive sound design.  A minimal interface beneath which lurks a maximalists desire to warp, bend and squash millions of new sounds into the aether.

4 knobs wasn’t quite enough though – BPM synced drift control adds gorgeous woozy tape like wow and flutter and BPM synced tremolo adds movement and throb.

Instantly turn a wonky piano into a warped felt pad or reversed ghost Joanna. Create massive gnarly pads that can quickly be tamed to subtle gossamer. There is enough variation inside DRIFT001 and your brain to score an entire movie/game/box set/concept album/stage musical…there really is.

The Sounds

5Gb of complex hybrid sounds conjured from a wide variety of organic and electronic sources

soft piano + dulcitone with analogue synth and viola at lower velocities. Mod wheel = more felt

Hammond percussion drawbar + ukulele, Hammond, bot choir and analogue synths at lower velocity. Mod wheel = Leslie effect

upright piano through mangled tape + mangled choir. Mod wheel = lightness

modular sines through tape + Oberheim Xpander. Mod wheel = phaser


wind, bent FM + Oberheim Xpander. Mod wheel = eq smear

analogue synth, strings, feedback + spiderwebs. Mod wheel = fluff

analogue synths + cloud strings. Mod wheel = eq smear

harpsichord, sponge piano + electronics. Mod wheel = softer

Siel Orchestra string synth patch morphs. Mod wheel = ensemble

music box, glockenspiel, analogue synth, organ + electronics. Mod wheel = eq smear

REALLY bad pianos. Mod wheel = squash and warp

What's Inside ?

  • 11 deeply multi sampled complex sounds sources = 5GB
  • 100 snapshots
  • morph EQ knob with 100 settings
  • morph ADSR knob with 100 settings
  • grist knob for noisy filth
  • 50 custom impulse response reverbs
  • space knob adds IR reverb and goes to 100% wet
  • BPM synced drift control for tape like chaotic wow and flutter
  • BPM synced tremolo
  • custom modwheel settings per sound source
  • full automation capability
  • Handy built in instructions in RTFM page

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    Great Price for a Quality Product!

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    Simple & Great

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    Simple & Great

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