Dutch Rosetta

Dutch Rosetta by Waverunner Audio – the mass-manufactured guitar range consisting of the first guitars owned by the likes of Brian May, George Harrison and Paul McCartney; Egmond guitars, sold in the UK as Rosetti. We borrowed award winning composer and sound designer CJ Mirra’s to sample a bit of guitar history and teamed up with Karoryfer Samples (via an off-hand comment on discord) to bring Dutch Rosetta to the world.

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Waverunner Audio


2.9 GB


Dutch Rosetta by Waverunner Audio - Authentic 60s Twang and Chime

On paper, this is everything a guitar shouldn’t be; cheap wood, sitar-like ring, hollowed body kit-guitar. But it’s these ‘flaws’, plus the 60s hardware, that give this guitar its incredible character and sound which make it an instrument of choice for CJ Mirra’s award winning scores and sound design. The change in timbre up the fret board is vast with this guitar, so we sampled every fret on every string at two dynamics and multiple round robins to ensure that character is captured and present in the library. A handful of articulations were recroded; muted, harmonics, trems, whammy, behind the bridge and our new ‘Moods’ are all available at hand in one interface along with FX controls allowing for very easy scuplting of a vast aray of sounds. So keep things sounding familiar, or take it to new places by layering sound design patches from Waverunner Audio and Karoryfer Samples.


  • Norm
  • Muted
  • Whammy
  • Harmonics
  • Trems
  • Behind The Bridge


  • +18 “Moods”
  • 9 from Waverunner Audio
  • 9 from Karoryfer Samples
  • extensive FX controls
  • 2 velocity / 4 rr for main articulations
  • every fret / every string sampled
  • selectable fret position


  • Built for full version Kontakt 6.3.1 +
  • NOT compatible with Kontakt Player
  • 2.9 GB installed


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