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  • EnRage by Boom Library


    Boom Library

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  • UberLoud by Boom Library


    Boom Library

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  • SoundWeaver by Boom Library


    Boom Library

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  • ReCenter by Boom Library


    Boom Library

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  • LiftFX by Boom Library


    Boom Library

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  • free Arcturus by Kompose Audio


    Kompose Audio

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  • - 53% Baconwulf by Karoryfer Samples


    Karoryfer Samples

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  • - 42% Melbourne by Organic Instruments


    Organic Instruments

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Recent reviews

Ukulele by Splash Sound


Great feature packed instrument especially for the price. Glad I'd snapped up this bargain. Long time customer. Very pleased with the service that Pulse Audio provides.

by Lloyd Brown

Esper Synth


Rapport /qualité/prix/installation facile, je travaille dans l'industrie du cinéma /compositeur/producteur/ingénieur du son. J'achète plusieurs produits chaque mois. Quand il me faut un VST/un son/ un plug-in, c'est immédiatement. Internet permet cela et je télécharge souvent mes achats par le downloader PULSE. Merci ! fabien BOURGEAIS "GhostRecordsFrance"


Ukulele by Splash Sound


Great sounds, good sound control, at a bargain price!

by Paulo Robalo

Universe by Triple Spiral Audio


Easy process to download and install my purchase. Very happy.

by Yvonne

dark intervals sonorous


Excellent bass pulses for cinematic production

by Vladimir Tretiak

Cedar Guitarlele by Rawbit Audio
Cedar Guitarlele


Good for DAW recording, excelent for live performance 🙂

by Paulo Robalo

Iron Pack 3 Metal Tones by Soundiron
Iron Pack 3 Metal Tones


Great Deal!!

by Anonymous

Bowed Fences


Fantastic Sounds!

by Anonymous

Forgotten Songs


Great deal!

by Anonymous

siege drum
Siege Drum


This was a great deal!

by Anonymous

Liikkuva - Scandi String Textures​

Liikkuva is a collection of soft and delicate string textures commonly heard in Scandi or Noir underscore music. They have a silky airiness and distinctly raw, icy tone to them.

This library is perfect for modern drama that requires an intimate and organic sound full of movement and life. It can bring you to both warm, shimmering lakes as well as dark, cold, sharp glaciers.

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  • - 40% stealth wind by unearthed sampling

    Stealth Wind

    unEarthed Sampling

    $ 14.40 $ 24.00 More Info
  • - 40% Plucked Piano by Paper Stone Instruments

    Plucked Piano

    Paper Stone Instruments

    $ 29.40 $ 49.00 More Info
  • - 52% Bansuri Bundle


    Have Audio

    $ 19.50 $ 41.00 More Info
  • - 40%

    Forgotten Songs

    unEarthed Sampling

    $ 4.20 $ 7.00 More Info
  • - 50% Magnetism – Volume 1 by Sonora Cinematic

    Magnetism – Volume 1

    Sonora Cinematic

    $ 17.50 $ 35.00 More Info
  • - 40%

    Minipoly Pro


    $ 19.20 $ 32.00 More Info
  • - 51%


    Karoryfer Samples

    $ 19.00 $ 39.00 More Info
  • - 60%

    Aleatoric Keys

    Ergo Kukke

    $ 24.00 $ 60.00 More Info
  • - 40%

    CHIMAERA: Mutated Pitched Percussion

    The Very Loud Indeed Co

    $ 47.40 $ 79.00 More Info
  • - 40% SHIFT by The Very Loud Indeed Company

    SHIFT: Hybrid Scoring Transitions

    The Very Loud Indeed Co

    $ 59.40 $ 99.00 More Info
  • - 50% violonair by guareschi



    $ 29.50 $ 59.00 More Info
  • - 40% Maple Mandolin by Rawbit Audio

    Maple Mandolin

    Rawbit Audio

    $ 9.00 $ 15.00 More Info

Oblique for Kontakt (Full version)

Nathan walks us through the Oblique sample library for Kontakt full by Very Loud Indeed – dark cello explorations.

A broken, haunting, sometimes terrifying yet an incredibly expressive cello instrument. This is most definitely not the instrument you want to create beautiful, epic, soaring melodies — it is a nasty beast, one that latches onto the dark corners of the mind and doesn’t let go.

Free Products

  • free Free PRISM Drums Lite Edition by AVA Music Group

    PRISM Drums Lite Edition

    AVA Music Group

    More Info
  • free Free Hip-Hop Drums by AVA Music Group

    Hip-Hop Drums

    AVA Music Group

    More Info
  • free Free Retro Pop drums by AVA Music Group

    Retro Pop Drums

    AVA Music Group

    More Info
  • free Free Modern Pop Drums by AVA Music Group

    Modern Pop Drums

    AVA Music Group

    More Info
  • free Free Indie Pop drums by AVA Music Group

    Indie Pop Drums

    AVA Music Group

    More Info
  • free Shift for Loopmix by Audiomodern

    SHIFT for Loopmix


    More Info
  • free Membranes: Essex Miusha by Syrinx Samples

    Membranes: Essex Miusha

    Syrinx Samples

    More Info
  • free Membranes: Harp Glissandos by Syrinx Samples

    Membranes: Harp Glissandos

    Syrinx Samples

    More Info

Wremena One (VST/AU plugin)

Nathan walks us through Wremena One by Elementary Sounds – a unique playable PRS guitar plugin.

If you’re looking for a “standard” guitar sound though, this isn’t it. Wremena One was recorded through a range of unusual hardware including analog, vintage and modern outboard gear.

Random Products

  • the halfling

    The Halfling

    Production Voices

    $ 99.00$ 139.00 More Info
  • Bohemian Cello

    Bohemian Cello


    $ 249.00 More Info
  • - 50%

    MAGNETISM Vol.1+2 Bundle

    Sonora Cinematic

    $ 28.50 $ 57.00 More Info
  • Cabal 8 by Wavelet Audio

    Cabal 8

    Wavelet Audio

    $ 159.00 More Info
  • The Portable by Dream Audio Tools

    The Portable

    Dream Audio Tools

    $ 25.00 More Info
  • - 50% Clarinet Drama Textures by Inlet Audio

    Clarinet Drama Textures

    Inlet Audio

    $ 19.50 $ 39.00 More Info
  • Loopmix


    $ 69.00 More Info
  • free Handbells By Jon Meyer Music


    Jon Meyer Sounds

    More Info


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