Extractor is a secret weapon to supercharge your beat productions and mixes adding more intensity and variation to otherwise constant and stale loops.

From precise sound extraction to full on beat transformation.

Use Transient mode to extract specific hits or tighten up complex synth and percussive patterns.

Use Beats mode to be time locked with your DAW and, for example, only keep the kick drum in an otherwise busy loop.

For both modes, choose between Single and Multi Band processing.

Use Single Band processing for high and instant transparency.

Use the Multi Band option for added intelligent frequency-based processing which extracts the shorter high end while keeping the longer bass frequencies intact.

The best part? Everything can be automated!

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vst au plugin

Extractor - Transform a Noisy Loop into a Tight Sample

Toggle between Extraction processing and Bypassed mode.

Squeeze any of your loops and extract samples full of definition.

From 0% to 100%, move from subtle effects, to tight and controlled sounds, and finally into click and transient sound design territory.

This control screams to be automated!

Use automation on it to thin out loops in certain sections of your song and bring them back fully when increasing intensity.

Doing this will be a game changer in your workflow.

Powerful wave form display giving you an instant point of reference when tweaking the plugin’s controls.

The un-processing and incoming audio is a grey-coloured waveform while the over-layed yellow version shows you the extracted signal.

In Transient mode, Extractor will perform its extraction based on all the transient material it detects in the incoming signal.

This can work wonders on percussive and complex loops.

Define the intensity of the plugin’s reaction by using the added sensitivity slider.

In Beats Mode, Extractor will be in tight-locked sync with your DAW of choice.

At 1/4, for example, an extraction will happen each quarter note.

This can be a great setting to extract any kick drum sound from otherwise extremely busy and complex loops.

Use the Single Band mode for an Extraction happening on the full frequency spectrum at once.

The Detail control in Single Band is in “Shape” mode and controls the decay shape of the single band extraction.

Tweak this to make the sound tighter or more open in its response.

Extractor uses the power of multiband processing to smartly extract and tighten sounds throughout the frequency spectrum.

For example, you can extract a kick drum with only a short click at the top end but a long bass-y tone at the bottom end from an otherwise noisy and complex loop.

The Detail control in Single Band is in “Frequency Bias” mode and controls how tightly the different frequency bands are decaying.

At the end of the signal path is an output gain control.

Use it to set a final gain staging for the plugin to make it fit in perfectly in any of your FX chains and mixes.

Key Features

  • Extraction control allowing you to extract sounds and tighten any loop

  • Accurate transient detection mode with sensitivity control

  • Transient mode to extract individual hits or even denoise loops

  • Time Sync “Beats” mode with 1/32,1/16,1/8,1/4,1/2,1/1 resolutions

  • Single Band mode for clear and accurate full band extraction

  • Multi Band mode for intelligent frequency-dependent extraction

  • High resolution visualizer to see waveform and extracted material layered together

  • All controls tuned by ear for instant and musical results

  • Yummy lemon-squeeze animation to squeeze any sound to your liking

System Requirements

  • AAX, VST3, AU versions included
  • 64-bit only (Mac / PC)
  • Mac OS X 10.13 or higher (Intel native | ARM native)
  • Windows 10
  • At least 4GB of RAM, 16GB is recommended
  • At least 200MB of free drive space (OS drive)

DAW Support

  • AAX, AU, VST3 versions
  • 64-bit only
  • Ableton Live 10.1+ (Mac & PC: AU, VST3)
  • Bitwig 2+ (Mac & PC: AU, VST3)
  • Cubase 8+ (Mac & PC: VST3)
  • Digital Performer 10+ (Mac & PC: AU, VST3)
  • FL Studio 12+ (Mac & PC: VST3)
  • Garageband 10+ (AU)
  • Logic Pro 9+ (AU)
  • Pro Tools 11+ (Mac & PC: AAX)
  • Presonus Studio One 4+ (Mac & PC: AU, VST3)
  • Reaper 5+ (Mac & PC: VST3)
  • Cakewalk by BandLab (PC: VST3)