LoFi Flux Machine

LoFi Flux Machine is an instant classic effect that can be used to add appeal, life & character to any audio signal you feed into it.

Its intricate mix of analog modeled tape warble, flutter as well as a versatile tone section allow the creation of anything, from subtle stereo effects to full blown creative sound transformations.

We took our established virtual tape circuits and used them in a way that gives you full control over the behaviour and accuracy of their Warble and Flutter effects.

Lofi Flux Machine can be very clean and precise or create a sound that is warm and has beautiful inconsistencies.

Move through Time and Sound

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Yum Audio


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LoFi Flux Machine - Flutter, Warble and Infinite Tone

The Intensity control sets the overall processing amount in the plugin and is a great way to automate all parameters at once, from a single source.

Warble Instability allows you to define how accurate or lofi the warbling should be.

Warble Instability Type allows you to define how the errors and fluctuations of the Instability main control behave.

Warble Width is a very useful control when you want to push your signal into the stereo field.

It gradually offsets the tape heads on the left and right channel.

Warble Time allows you to set the overall time one cycle of the tape warbling takes.

Depending on the mode this can be either set in milliseconds or synced to actual note values.

Warble makes the virtual tapes change very gradually and slowly in pitch and allows you to make signals more interesting or wider in a subtle way.

There are four, carefully crafted, flutter movement types included in flux machine.

Each has been tweaked to add unique variation and movement to the sound

Flutter makes the virtual tapes change very fast in pitch and allows you to create either a very subtle pitch instability or a very noticeable effect that can become a main characteristic of your sound.

This control allows you to add a warm and crunchy modeled tape saturation to the incoming audio.

Noise gives you the Yum take on the classic audio effect.

Instead of adding a constant noise loop to your signal, this effect actually generates noise based on your incoming audio signal.

It will feel very natural, like some dust and grit on the tape interfering with your sound.

These two controls are used to adjust the Brightness or Darkness of your signal.

Both go from 0 to 100 percent and apply very smooth filters with a soft and natural fall-of, that are tweaked to get musical results.

This control allows you to change the stereo width of your plugins output signal, using our proven algorithm from Spread Light.

This plugin is only one of our growing LoFi Series

This series allows you to combine a variety of LoFi characteristics, which add life and texture to your productions.

Look out for our upcoming LoFi Series products, we have a whole lineup of spices that will be ready for you soon – blend to your own taste!

Key Features

  • add appeal, life & character to any audio signal

  • analog modeled Warble section for slow pitch changes

  • Flutter section with four distinct movement modes

  • freely adjustable warble instability

  • Warble Width control to create wide stereo manipulations

  • Tone Section for characterful sound shaping

  • warm and distinct Tape Saturation

  • Noise generator based on signal input

  • Dark and Bright controls

  • Stereo Width control known from Spread Light

  • Intensity Slider to change overall processing amount

  • two time modes – free running or in sync with your session

System Requirements

  • AAX, VST3, AU versions included
  • 64-bit only (Mac / PC)
  • Mac OS X 10.13 or higher (Intel native | ARM native)
  • Windows 10
  • At least 4GB of RAM, 16GB is recommended
  • At least 200MB of free drive space (OS drive)

DAW Support

  • AAX, AU, VST3 versions
  • 64-bit only
  • Ableton Live 10.1+ (Mac & PC: AU, VST3)
  • Bitwig 2+ (Mac & PC: AU, VST3)
  • Cubase 8+ (Mac & PC: VST3)
  • Digital Performer 10+ (Mac & PC: AU, VST3)
  • FL Studio 12+ (Mac & PC: VST3)
  • Garageband 10+ (AU)
  • Logic Pro 9+ (AU)
  • Pro Tools 11+ (Mac & PC: AAX)
  • Presonus Studio One 4+ (Mac & PC: AU, VST3)
  • Reaper 5+ (Mac & PC: VST3)
  • Cakewalk by BandLab (PC: VST3)