Farfisa Polychrome

This sample library from Synth Magic is an authentic recreation of the Farfisa Polychrome analogue synthesizer, a hard-to-find combo polyphonic machine produced in Italy by Farfis.

Containg over 200 great presets to get you started, this Kontakt library perfectly captures the analogue synth sound from 1978

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Farfisa Polychrome

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Farfisa Polychrome - The Original Band-in-a-Box from 1978

(Full retail version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher is required – (not for the free Kontakt Player)

This Kontakt instrument is based on the very rare, 1978 Farfisa Polychrome synthesiser. Fully programmable from the front panel, just like a real Polychrome and simple to use.

The Farfisa Polychrome was a synthesiser composed of various sections such as Percussion, Strings, Ensemble and Vocal synth. We sampled every section and added lots of new twists along the way.

Supplied with over 200 presets, with sounds ranging from ambient drones, analogue synth choirs, gentle bass tones, sci-fi fx, brass ensembles, lead synths, analogue strings and pads, ambient atmospheres and lots, lots more.

The original machine has 3 vocal synth sections, but you can only select one at a time to be played. Not so with our version – all 3 vocal sections can play at the same time. It really is a very beautiful sounding instrument.

Extra features such as extra filters, LFOs, filter envelopes and a full effects section, including auto pans for each synth section – great for creating stereo sweep effects.

Each section of the Polychrome has been meticulously sampled using high quality converters for a truly authentic sound.

Only the supplied effects have been used in these recordings and all the sounds are included in the presets that come with Polychrome Kontakt instrument.


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