Feedback Drones

We purposely turned up the volume to create and capture feedback. We also experimented with live musicians playing along with the feedback. These captures were then manipulated, processed & tweaked in our signature style. What resulted is a library that defies simple categorization. We have organized this madness into Drones, Pads, Leads, Basses & Rhythmic Pulses.

For Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher.

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Triumph Audio


4.62 GB


Feedback Drones is a powerful, dynamic and inspiring library that will blow you away. No matter the type of music you make be it cinematic scoring, sci-fi, horror, ambient, suspense new age, pop, trailer work, dance music, beats and beyond, we strongly believe you’ll find a wide range of ways to use Feedback Drones for your music creation.

What does an ocarina, male vocals, 1960’s organ, trumpet, wine glasses, wind chimes, out of tune piano, and a trombone have in common? Feedback.


These feedback drones are one to two minutes long and are available in their full length in the included WAV pack as well as the drone category of Kontakt patches. In addition, many of the drone patches feature extra control to move from one drone to another via the mod wheel. This gives you lots of creative choices & ways to sculpt the sound. From these drones we honed in on different start points along the way to highlight the musical performances and motives from the manipulated musical additions. The drones also were a starting point to create melodic leads, plucky keys, synth sounding basses, engine produced rhythmic phrases and a plethora of amazing sounding pads.


  • The library is versatile and can find a happy home in all genres with a euro rack modular and classic synth sound.
  • As we programmed the library we were so surprised that hidden inside of the longer drones were so many amazing synth like sounds.
  • The pads, leads, basses and rhythmic pulses work great for cinematic, sci-fi, drama, ambient, pop and horror scoring.


  • Feedback Drones mystical, magical, dark, haunting, and sometimes ear-shattering – ideal for tension, horror and drama scoring though useful for sound design and sits well with synths.
  • Divided into 7 distinct and unique categories including: Drones, High Drones, Movements, Leads, Pads, and Basses.
  • Introducing MOD MORPH FX – these patches allow you to go from one sample into a different sample and sometimes combines them creating a layered effect. Try these patches out!
  • Powered by Photosynthesis Engine in our custom Triumph Audio Engine
  • Our unique engine allows for quick creative work flow and additional expression using the modulation wheel to go between dry and curated and the expression fader for filters. Many patches allow quick changing of pitch via the keyboard with a great fx engine and compression.
  • Included in Feedback Drones is our Feedback Drones Wav pack: a collection Feedback Drone Wav files ready to be drag and dropped into your DAW of choice.

Patch Info

  • 714 patches
  • Feedback Drones includes multiple patch folders and sub folders


  • Full Retail Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher
  • Kontakt Player not supported
  • 24bit / 48k uncompressed wav sample files
  • Download link and access code delivered by Pulse and will be available via the Pulse App
  • Size of Feedback Drones is 4.62GB and with the included WAV Pack of 3.96GB, the total library size 8.58 GB.

The recording and sampling process

Microphones were set up in our acoustically treated studio to record the output of the feedback while also recording various instruments in real time that were captured along with the feedback. These feedback moments were then manipulated, chopped up, effects added, reversed, pitched, etc to create unique soundscapes. Various combinations of the feedback were combined to create bigger moments as well as retaining some of the smaller simpler feedback drones. These various combinations are all represented in the library giving you a lot of control and choice.

Feedback Drones Testimonials

Kevin Blumenfeld

“This library is like the BLT of sample libraries. Never a bad time for a BLT. It goes with everything and makes everyone happy. I absolutely love how much variety you get here. The drones have a surprisingly awesome mix depth along with a diverse range. The leads are so much fun to play with and they can sit well in just about any soundscape. There’s honestly something for everything.”

Credits: Into the Dark, Night Owls, Additional Music: Tetris, Ambulance

Joshua Mosley

“Wow. Feedback Drones does not disappoint! This library is so deep and takes you down so many creative rabbit holes. It definitely has a permanent place in my sound palette moving forward.”

Credits: My Dad The Bounty Hunter – Netflix, Fortnite – Epic, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Skydance Interactive

Andrew Morgan Smith

“Feedback Drones has a great showing of textures and ideas you can creatively sculpt. Whether you need atmospheric soundscapes or to layer in more organic processed sounds with your work, this is a great tool! It definitely surprised me with the variety of textures and tones.”

Credits: The Old Way, The Owl House, and You Might be the Killer

Craig Dobbin

“When I buy a new library I usually hope to find one or two sounds that I can add to the arsenal. With Feedback Drones, I want to add them all! Almost every patch I opened inspired an idea and I have barely scratched the surface of what this library is capable of! Will definitely be putting this to use right away.”

Credits: NCIS Los Angeles, and Discovery Channel Shark Week


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