Furia Staccato Strings

Furia Staccato Strings by Impact Soundworks is an orchestral library designed for powerful ensemble string staccatos, Furia delivers instant gratification for film, TV, game & trailer scoring. Perfect for epic action string stabs and ostinatos, dramatic builds, and tense underscore rhythms!

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About Furia Staccato Strings by Impact Soundworks

String ensemble staccatos are a composer’s best friend. Whether you need to accentuate dramatic rhythms in an action cue, create tension with a repeating ostinato line, build an epic swashbuckling main melody, or weave ominous arpeggiating textures, staccato strings are de facto standard.

Furia is a library tailor-made to deliver that very sound, and ONLY that sound. It is simple and streamlined, with no extraneous features or samples. As soon as you load it up and begin playing, you’ll see the appeal of this elegant design. With no complex UI or exhaustive patch lists, you instead have an instant, highly-versatile staccato sound out-of-the-box.

Use Furia on its own with either (or both) of two included mic positions and a handy FX rack, or layer it with other orchestral sounds like our Bravura Scoring Brass for even more ‘oomph’. Either way, we know you’ll find it a fantastic and very practical tool for your template!


  1. Ensemble Multiplier
    FSS was recorded with a 22-piece string ensemble. With this control, you can multiply the size of the ensemble up to 8x for an even more epic sound!
  2. Timing Controls
    The Ensemble Timing knob controls the amount of random timing variation in the ensemble multiplier, while Sample Offset adjusts the sample playback to be more aggressive (at the cost of some pre-bow noise).
  3. Mic Mixer
    Here you can load or unload either of the two included mic positions, plus change or automate their volume & stereo width.
  4. Envelope Shaping
    Dial down the decay and sustain for a very tight and aggressive staccato sound, or turn them up with release to let each note ring out.


Kontakt 5.3 or higher (FULL version, not player)

Operating System

Core i3 processor or better




  • Focused and powerful staccatos strings
  • Tutti playing (all sections)
  • Up to 16x round robin layers
  • Close + hall mic positions
  • Only one dynamic – EPIC


  • Instantly playable for fast, epic results
  • Ensemble size multiplier 1-8x
  • Easy envelope + sample shaping controls
  • Brand-new virtual FX rack with randomizers
  • Dozens of custom IRs – halls, rooms + more

“… a massive amount of power in such a small and affordable package. It’s amazing! […] It’s basically straight in your face, so there’s no mucking around. You can’t get lost… It presents itself as, ‘Here I am. Take me. This is what I am.’ … you can start playing as soon as you’re finished downloading and get brilliant ideas. Very unique especially for a library with just one articulation. It’s very, very diverse in its range of uses, its playability, and I highly, highly recommend it, […] It doesn’t matter if you have those [other] libraries. Still pick [it] up because it’s very useful.”

Cory Pelizzari
Solonoid Studio


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