Granulat by Rigid Audio is a granular sound design library for Kontakt, that lets you play hundreds of small grains of audio, to create cinematic sound design and rich, moving textures.

It comes with a huge selection of 300 cinematic instruments, ranging from hybrid strings, brass swells to acoustic bell-like textures and vocal atmospheres allowing you to easily create unique modulating soundscapes.

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Granulat - Create Rich, Moving Cinematic Soundscapes & Textures

GRANULAT is a granular sound design tool for creating intense cinematic sound design and rich, moving textures. From dark brooding textures to light airy atmospheres, Granulat can create complex sonic soundscapes in a variety of styles.

It works by playing hundreds of small grains of audio and then shifting these in the sample range left or right.

You can freeze a sample at any position within the waveform or use any of the 9 tables to quickly add complex movement to the built-in sounds.

GRANULAT comes with 300 cinematic instruments, ranging from hybrid strings, brass swells to acoustic bell-like textures and vocal atmospheres.

Over 300 Stunning Modulating Instruments Included

Granulat comes with over 300 instruments, divided into the following categories:

  • Bowed (20 instruments)
  • Drone (12 instruments)
  • Hybrid (35 instruments)
  • Noises (18 instruments)
  • Pad (42 instruments)
  • Piano (11 instruments)
  • Plucked (18 instruments)
  • Rhythmic (18 instruments)
  • Sweep (26 instruments)
  • Texture (79 instruments)
  • Vocal (21 instruments)

9 Independent Sequencers For Continuous Movement & Modulating Sounds

GRANULAT features nine independently running sequencers which can continually run and instantly add motion to your sounds.

The sequencers to choose from are: Volume, Pan, Cutoff, Pitch, Detune, Spray, Flux, Size and Shift.

There is also an additional FX section with filter, reverb, delay and flanger for extra sound shaping options.

What Can It Be Used For?

GRANULAT is perfect for creating dark modulating drones, light airy pads, unusual soundscapes and interesting, unique sound design.

This means its perfect for cinematic underscore (eg. horror, drama etc.), sound design, ambient music, electronic music and much more!

Key Features

  • Over 300 Kontakt instruments
  • 9 independent sequencers
  • 20 custom Impulse Responses
  • Perfect for creating sound design, atmospheres, soundscapes etc.
  • Completely royalty free and can be used for anything (music, sound design etc.)


  • Full Retail Version of Kontakt 5.8 or higher required – not compatible with the free Kontakt Player
  • Operating System: N/A
  • RAM: N/A

11 reviews for Granulat

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  2. Nikolay (verified owner)

    Many thanks!

  3. Aron (verified owner)

    Smooth shopping experience

  4. Ninja (verified owner)

    Favorite sounds

  5. mohammad nassar (verified owner)

    It’s one of the best organic synth textures and pads, i love it.

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  7. Bartek (verified owner)

    Very good library and store!! 🙂

  8. Vitalii Safronov (verified owner)

    Great textures, sounds and effects! Must have!

  9. Marcin Forc (verified owner)

    I like sounds from Rigid Audio, Granulat is Amazing 😁😁

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  11. Mark B. (verified owner)

    Thank You !🙂🙃😎

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