Hoard Mandolin

Hoard Mandolin is a versatile and dynamic legato mandolin library designed for Kontakt.

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Hoard Mandolin by Musical Sampling

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Hoard Mandolin - Agile and Expressive Legato Mandolin for Kontakt

Performed by renowned session player and producer Jason Hoard, our goal was to develop a comprehensive mandolin library capable of delivering virtuosic performances as well as heartfelt simplicity.

The Master Legato Main patch is a true workhorse, suitable for a wide range of musical contexts. The Chicken Peck variant offers the same functionality while incorporating repetition sustains optimized for rapid and successive picking without compromising the inherent legato capabilities.

Both patches seamlessly integrate downstroke and upstroke legato picking techniques.

In addition to the performance sustains, we have included playable repetition patches with split-keyboard options, tremolos, sustained chords, carefully-crafted short chords derived from phrases, and even choked chucks; both playable and tempo-synced live grooves recorded at 90, 120, 150 & 180 BPM.


  • Agile and expressive legato mandolin
  • Three legato articulations activated by velocity
  • Automatic down/upstroke legato
  • Natural temperament
  • Adjustable reverb of custom hall impulse


  • Master Legato Main
  • Master Legato Chicken Peck
  • Muted Legato Chicken Peck
  • Performance Sustains
  • Playable Reps
  • Playable Reps – Split Keys
  • Playable Mute Reps – Split
  • Keys
  • Tremolos
  • Chords Long
  • Chords Tight
  • Playable Chucks
  • Chuck Live Grooves
  • Fret Slides & Noises

System Requirements

  • Requires full retail version of Kontakt 5.8.1+
  • Free Kontakt Player NOT supported
  • Recorded in 48khz / 24bit
    2.4 GB compressed NCW format
  • Receive product with Pulse downloader

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