Hoard Picked Acoustic

Hoard Picked Acoustic is a versatile and agile legato guitar library meticulously crafted for Kontakt.

Like our Hoard Mandolin library, our goal was to create an instrument capable of handling a wide range of guitar melodies seamlessly, eliminating the necessity for keyswitching.

Please note: FULL retail version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or later is required. NOT for Kontakt Player.

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Musical Sampling


2.8 GB


Hoard Picked Acoustic - Versatile and Agile Legato Guitar for Kontakt

The Master Legato Main patch of Hoard Picked Acoustic is a versatile workhorse, incorporating multiple legato articulations.

 Natural legato, slide to pluck (with CC slide speed control), hammer-on/off, and slide without plucking – all seamlessly switchable via velocity control.

Additionally, we provided a distinctive palm-muted legato patch with its own unique flavor.

The Performance Sustains patch is equally significant, showcasing five velocity levels, including the two softest ones for palm-muted and slightly palm-muted performances, significantly broadening the range of phrasing possibilities.

To enhance the authenticity of your guitar tracks, we’ve included a comprehensive, yet subtle, fret noises patch, along with a room tone, breath, and movement patch — all designed to infuse character, warmth, and humanity into your compositions.

For added versatility, we’ve thoughtfully included tuned and doubler versions of several patches to cater to your double-tracking requirements.


  • Agile and expressive legato acoustic guitar
  • Three legato articulations activated by velocity
  • Automatic down/upstroke legato
  • Natural temperament
  • Adjustable reverb of custom hall impulse


  • Master Legato Main
  • Muted Legato
  • Performance Sustains
  • Harmonics
  • Muted Sustains
  • Guitar Percussion
  • Chugs Scrapes & Slaps
  • Chord Fret Noises
  • Room Breath & Movement
  • Tuned & Doubler variations

System Requirements

  • Requires full retail version of Kontakt 5.8.1+
  • Free Kontakt Player NOT supported
  • Recorded in 48khz / 24bit
  • 2.8 GB compressed NCW format
Hoard Picked Acoustic Image 1

Master Legato Main: This is the main legato patch which contains three different legato types; each individually activated by velocity.

Velocities 41-90 is the primary range which uses the natural plucked legato articulation – your bread and butter.

Velocities 91-127 activates the hammer-on/pull-off articulation (up to a major 2nd).

Velocities 1-40 is your slide into pluck articulation, which is exactly that; a string slide to the target note which is then plucked (from a minor 3rd up to an octave).

You can control the speed of the slide with the modwheel. Up to a major 2nd, this legato velocity activates the slide no pluck articulation.

Room Breath & Movement: This patch incorporates a room tone sample, essentially capturing the untouched noise floor.

It’s an excellent means to introduce warmth to exposed guitar tracks.

Additionally, this patch includes subtle inhale/exhale and nuanced body movement noises, enhancing the overall presence of your composition.

Tuned & Doubler Patches: These variations have been hand-tuned to suit specific situations as needed.

The doubler patches are designed to serve as the secondary guitar for your left/right-channel double-tracking requirements.

Chugs Scrapes & Slaps: You can achieve a convincing muted strumming effect by combining the short chug samples with the Muted Sustains patch, as demonstrated in the “Prism” music demo at 0:28.

Hoard Picked Acoustic Image 2
Hoard Picked Acoustic Image 3 Jason Hoard

Jason Hoard’s lifelong journey with music began at the age of seven when his father brought home a mandolin, igniting his passion for the artform.

Growing up, he and his family formed a bluegrass band, captivating audiences throughout the southeastern region.

As the years went by, Jason continued to explore different musical avenues, transitioning to electric guitar and embarking on tours with local Georgia band According To John, as well as renowned Christian artists like Third Day and Crowder.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Jason holds his family dear and acknowledges their pivotal role in his life.

Supported by his remarkable wife, who stands as his rock, and with three beautiful children who share his love for the arts and the great outdoors. 

He expresses gratitude to God each day for their love, prayers, and unwavering support, recognizing that they are the foundation upon which his success rests.

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