Hybrid Elements CORE

“Hybrid Elements CORE” by Master Sampling is a powerful and flexible hybrid sound design sample library aimed primarily at Film, TV & Video Game composers.

It brings an extensive range of playable sounds including Hits, Swipes, Percussion, Tonal and Effects samples to your arsenal that provide everything you need to take those epic tracks to an entirely new level!

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Master Sampling


4 GB


Hybrid Elements CORE by Master Sampling - Hybrid Sound Design Toolkit For Kontakt (& WAV) – Drums, FX, Drones, Keys & More

“Hybrid Elements CORE” is a modern sound design library aimed specifically at cinematic music such as Action Movies, Cinematic Trailers, Underscore, Video Games and more.

The library has over 100 Kontakt patches (and comes with standalone WAV files) in the following categories:

  • Hits and Swipes – 17 patches with 411 samples in total
  • Percussion (split into Ensemble and Solo) – 12 ensemble and 17 solo patches with 466 samples in total
  • Tonal (split into Hits & Drones and Ambient & Keys) – 17 Hits & Drones and 23 Ambient & Keys with 447 samples in total
  • Effects – 15 patches and 290 samples in total

This sample library features HUGE slamming impacts, thundering drums, dark drones, textured pads, disturbing soundscapes, risers, downers and much, much more!

“Hybrid Elements CORE” is perfect for anyone looking for a useful sound design pack to add to their toolkit.

The Sounds In Detail: Taikos, Snares, Toms, Hits, Impacts, Drones & More

Hits and Swipes contains a collection of cinematic hits in a range of styles such as distorted, filtered, mangled metal etc. along with a collection of sound design “swipes” in a range of styles such as airy, metallic and sound designed.

Percussion is divided into both Ensemble and Solo percussion. The ensemble drums that were sampled include taikos, snares, toms, plastic trashcan drums, wood sticks and reversed. The solo drums that were sampled are taikos, conga, kick drum, tom, cajon, snare, plastic trashcan, brushes, hats, aluminium and tin cans, wood sticks and acoustic guitar hits. None of these drums were sampled/played lightly – they’re all heavy and thundering!

The Tonal category is divided into Hits & Drones and Ambient & Keys. The Drones category contains a range of low drones, electric guitar tonal hits, low piano hits, textured drones and reversed drones. The Ambient & Keys category contains a range of ethereal ambient long and textured “pad” sounds as well as “keys” sounds such as unique synths, sub basses etc.

The Effects category contains Hits, Swipes, Impacts, Winds, Soundscapes, Sub Downers and Sub Risers which are all useful as cinematic/trailer sound design effects.

“Hybrid Core Elements” consists of 4GB of content and 101 Patches spread over 4 categorized folders.


User Instruments:

You will find an “Empty Start” instrument in the “User Instruments” folder. In the KONTAKT interface you will be able to add your own WAV files and create your unique instruments.

Sound Shaping Tools

“Hybrid Core Elements” comes with a number of sound-shaping tools built right into the interface itself, the following parameters can be adjusted:

  • Attack
  • Decay
  • Sustain
  • Release
  • Cutoff



The following effects are available to add space and colour to your sounds:

  • Reverb – 0 to 100% wetness
  • Transpose – +/- 12 semitones
  • FR Booster
  • FR Reducer
  • Saturation –+/- 100%
  • Distortion – 0 to 100%
  • Stereo Width – 0% (mono) to 100% (wide)

All of the controls can be assigned to a hardware controller using the standard Kontakt MIDI Learn feature.

The Presets

  • Hits and Swipes
  • Percussion (Subfolders Ensemble and Solo)
  • Tonal (Subfolders Hits & Drones and Ambient & Keys)
  • Effects

All sounds are sampled in 24bits with 1400 unique sounds available.


  • Over 4GB of content
  • 101 Patches in 5 Categories
  • Sampled in 24bits with 1400 unique sounds available
  • CategoriesHits and Swipes, Percussion (Subfolders Ensemble and Solo), Tonal (Subfolders Ambient and Keys), Effects, User Instruments


  • 4.3GB Hard Drive Space
  • PC/Mac with at least 2.0Ghz processor 2gig of RAM
  • Note: Requires the FULL Retail version of Kontakt 5.3.1 or higher
  • NOT compatible with the free Kontakt Player

8 reviews for Hybrid Elements CORE

  1. François (verified owner)

    Practical kit.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great Price for a Quality Product!

  3. wang (verified owner)

    the sound is pretty hard,i love

  4. Mihail Mihaylov (verified owner)

    Great for sound design. In addition, the tonal content is very useful for blending with “boring” sounds and creating interest and character. Also, we get hits, impacts, risers, downers and all kind of beautiful, well presented sound elements. 🙂 The price is a gift, only 9 €. Thank you, Pulse Audio.

  5. Rodney Borrero (verified owner)


  6. Yuto (verified owner)

    Excellent cost performance!

  7. Klaus Tietzel (verified owner)

    Phantastic Sounds, clear gui. Would Love to see time sync for the daw

  8. Paulo Robalo (verified owner)

    A great variety of sounds, mainly for cinematic purposes!

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