Indie Fingers 2 The Neck

Indie Fingers 2 The Neck is a Kontakt library featuring Electric guitar fingered playable sequences, chords and single tones.

Indie Fingers 2 The Neck starts where Indie Fingers 1 ends, introducing a great amount of new tones, fuzzy sequences, killer analog tremolo “spaghetti” arpeggios and tones/chords, fast slides and lot of multisampled fingered arpeggios and guitar sequences.

All set to offer a modern yet sophisticated edgy pop/rock guitar tone toolset, played on a Strat, neck position.

Great when used in a pop/rock arrangement or as additional indie flavour to modern movie scoring.

Arpeggios have been designed to be played together for unlimited combinations.

Please note: FULL retail version of Kontakt 4.2.3 or later is required. NOT for Kontakt Player.

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1.3 GB


Indie Fingers 2 The Neck

Inspiring Clean Arpeggios (18 Patches+2 Keyswitched Patches)

Two or three notes based arpeggios and riffs, each one working on several chords.

Played and multisampled on different positions of the neck (usually each tone) to keep the most realistic timbre.

Arpeggios are very smooth and fluid, with a warm and full Strat tone, focused on neck pickup.

Each arpeggio comes with one or two effected variations for added sonic variety.

Available also Half tempo.

Inspiring “True Tremolo” Arpeggios, Chords And Tones

Authentic tremolo tone, processed using custom built analog tremolo pedal.

Instant mood.

It includes six intervallic sequences, a complete set of sustained tones playable in a piano-like form and the most wanted “Spaghetti” chords, with minor and major tremolo chords. 

Clean “Bass” Tones

A patch with sustained tones sampled from 6th and 5th string, ideal compendium for arpeggios and sequences.

One Key Multis

Eight multis which combine several intervallic patches with tones and chords.

Bonus content: Multi Add-On

A set of eight combined and effect-designed multis.

Key Features

  • Tempo synced
  • All samples are 24/48
  • 77 .nki patches featuring 40 different multi-sampled arpeggios, chords and tones played on a Strat, neck position plus 37 preset variations
  • 16 “one key” multis .nkm, featuring layered sequences
  • 1,3 Gigabytes of recorded material(1,1 lossless compressed .ncw)
  • Sequenced Patches are provided both in full and half tempo
  • Low memory usage, Laptop ready
  • Only analog boutique pedals in chain to offer a true authentic eletric guitar tone. No digital emulations used.
  • Designed effect variations activable (Chorus, Delay, Distortion, Reverb)