Indie Fingers 3 Rhythmic Mayhem

Indie Fingers 3 Rhythmic Mayhem is the brand new electric guitar sample library featuring Fully playable Rhythmic Patterns and textures.

All patterns are multisampled along the neck to keep the most authentic tone in all the range.

Indie Fingers 3 Rhythmic Mayhem introduces a comprehensive array of rhythmic guitar patterns, multiple techniques (unmuted and different palm mute) , which can be played in a piano-like form allowing the musicians to create and play their own lines, chords, intervals.

All provided in a modular asset where all the patches can be combined/layered creating infinite combinations of guitar arrangements and riffs.

Please note: FULL retail version of Kontakt 4.2.3 or later is required. NOT for Kontakt Player.

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1.24 GB


Indie Fingers 3 Rhythmic Mayhem

Fully Playable Patterns And Repetitions (18 Patches And 54 Effected Variations)

The definitive cure against machine-gun effect, perfect for rock and pop.

Indie Fingers Volume Three focuses entirely on fully playable patterns and repetitions.

A pattern (or repetition patch) features sliced, and tempo synced, note repetitions (4ths, eights, patterns..) played and sampled across the entire available range of the neck.

We multi-sampled each sequence every two frets on average, to keep the most realistic tone on all the range.

Each multisampled repetition or pattern has been assigned to keyboard in order to be played in a piano like form.

You can play your own melodies, intervals, arpeggios, chords and any other combination that you’re able to produce using your own creativity.

Each patch comes with a given number of effected variations

Designed Patches (15 Patches)

These patches have been expressely designed to obtain a nice variety of uncommon and cinematic sounds.

One Key Multis (25 Multis)

Each multi combines different patterns and repetitions, using designed effect combinations for instant inspiration.

Key Features

  • Tempo synced
  • All samples 24 bit 48 Khz
  • True analog chain and boutique pedals used, in order to offer an authentic tone
  • All patches and Multi’s are fully playable, create your own melodies, chords, intervals and riffs/licks
  • All patches can be combined for unlimited combinations and arrangements
  • 18 main patches and 54 effected variations
  • 15 additional designed patches
  • 25 “one key” multis .nkm, featuring layered sequences
  • 1,24 Gigabytes of recorded material
  • Sequenced Patches are provided both in full and half tempo
  • Low memory usage, Laptop ready
  • Designed effect variations activable (Distortion, Delay, 8bit reduction, Reverb)
  • Modulation wheel controlled slicer for more rhythmic combinations