Indie Fingers 4 Acoustic

Indie Fingers 4 Acoustic is the new acoustic guitar sample library featuring an extensive selection of fully playable patterns, arpeggios and sustained patches.

Perfect for creating realistic sounding intervals, arpeggios and sequences into pop and other genres.

Indie Fingers 4 Acoustic blends together all the tools previously found in the series such as:

  • Played intervals
  • Patterns
  • Fast arpeggio builder
  • Sustained notes
  • Bass repetitions
  • Combined patches
  • Noises, Percussion
  • Harmonics in order to provide a nice amount of flexibility both rhythmically and harmonically

Please note: FULL retail version of Kontakt 4.2.3 or later is required. NOT for Kontakt Player.

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Indie Fingers 4 Acoustic

Bass+Arpeggio Patches (17 Patches+2 Keyswitched Patches)

Seventeen patches featuring two-notes and three-notes arpeggios.

Arpeggios have been multisampled across the neck (usually each whole tone), mapped to keyboard, and can be applied to any fitting chord or harmony.

Arpeggios can also be combined to create more complex structures.

Each Arpeggio patch features also multisampled 6th and 5th strings bass repetitions (keyswitched durations eights and fourths) in the lower range of the keyboard, to be combined with the arpeggio, in order to emulate common fingerpicking figures.

In addition, separate keyswitched patches for arpeggios and basses are provided.

Harmonics (2 Patches)

A set of natural sustained harmonics, both stretched (extended range) and unstretched (natural range).

Patterns And Repetitions (5+5 Patches)

The definitive cure against machine-gun effect.

Full range repetitions are sequences of a single note, played and sampled on several position of the neck (usually each tone), covering the full available range.

They can be freely played in a piano-like form without any harmonic limitation.

You can create arpeggios, chords, single notes sequences. Available full tempo and half tempo.

Short Slides Sustains And Noises/Fx (2 Patches)

Indie Fingers Volume Four also features a complete set of noises (body hits and slams, slide noise, several other noises) and a set of short slide-to note sustains.

Key Features

  • Tempo synced
  • All samples 24 bit 48 Khz
  • A comprehensive choice of Played Intervals, Fully playable patterns, Single notes, Harmonics, Bass repetitions and effect
  • All patches can be combined for unlimited combinations and arrangements
  • 34 .nki patches
  • One Gigabytes of recorded sequences and tones
  • Fully playable patterns are provided both in full and half tempo
  • Low memory usage, Laptop ready
  • Designed effect variations activable (Chorus, Delay, Flanger, Reverb)
  • Modulation wheel controlled slicer for more rhythmic combinations