Endless distorted guitar powerchords

Infinuitar is a sound designed and processed distorted electric guitar sample library containing endless distorted powerchords (dry and with reverb), one shots and risers.

$ 5.00


Alex Pfeffer





  • at least Kontakt 5.8.1
  • full access to the .wav files
Operating System: N/A
 RAM: 4GB+

“SOUNDS GOOD AND USEFUL FOR LAYERING. I like the ability to layer it under other sounds and add sustain for long time, which is very useful. Great to have a riser version also for each note. Only thing I dislike is that this is only one power chord scaled across the keyboard so it sound good on about 2-3 notes on each side of the E note before starting to sound a bit fake. After that it sounds more stretched and a bit “plastic”, especially the last 2 notes on each end of the spectrum. It would have been nice to put one recorded power chord per note, but hey for 5 Euros, I cannot complain a lot! All in all, it is a very useable library for the price. Thanks Alex! “

Jonathan B.

“AWESOME!! Simple but really fills my projects”

Firdaus Md. Fadzil

“A FUN LITTLE LIBRARY! As a guitarist, I wasn’t sure if I’d get any use out of this library. But it’s really fun and useful.”

Jonathan K.

“Great guitar!”

Michael F.


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