Inspired heavily by scores like Interstellar and Solaris, Interplanetary features cinematic multisamples taken from an antique glass bowl which have been turned into something otherworldly.

EVERYTHING in the demo song comes from Interplanetary.

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Interplanetary by unEarthed Sampling

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Interplantary - Tuned Percussion Inspired by Cliff Martinez

6 Round Robins / 16 Patches

For this instrument we struck the bowl with fingers, sticks, and mallets and each patch not only contains 6 round robins, but has also been carefully tuned to give you maximum flexibility as a composer.  

The 16 patches cover a wide variety of playing styles including the tuned struck patches mentioned above as well as etheral pads and even a couple of patches we derived from bowing the bowl with a cello bow.  

For an added bonus, there is also a low and hard hitting multisampled analogue synth bass patch which is good for underlaying these instruments… or the instruments / libraries of your choosing.

Combine Interplanetary with the arpeggiator of your choice and you’re sure to be whisked off to another planet.  When used as a traditional instrument, the bowl also has a very interesting ethnic quality which is well suited to many types of music and scoring. 


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