Kinematic Composer Cello

Kinematic Composer Cello is a 6.38 GB suite of organic Cello instruments paired with a carefully curated set of inspirational analogue pads for Kontakt 6.7.1.

The Composer Cello has been created using the beguiling musicianship of one of the UK’s leading session cellists: Liz Hanks (Richard Hawley, Self Esteem, Pulp, Liam Gallagher).

Please note: FULL retail version of Kontakt 6.7.1 or later is required. NOT for Kontakt Player.

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6.38 GB


Kinematic Composer Cello - Breathtaking Organic Cello Instruments

At the heart of this instrument are 3762 meticulously crafted samples, recorded at Kinema Audio’s renowned 1600sq foot Studio 1.

The instrument also includes 9 complimentary analogue pads crafted to underscore and support your Cello compositions.

All patches have 3 controllable mic positions: Center, Stereo and Room.

The Analogue Pads are also multi mic’d with Dry, Room and Verb control.

A signal chain incorporating Microphones from Flea, Coles and Neumann into Neve Preamps and Prism Conversion was used to record Liz’s vintage Cello, an instrument made by Thomas Smith at the Harp and Hautboy, Piccadilly, London 1765.

Kinematic Composer Cello is the first instrument from Kinematic: a new Kontakt instrument collection from Sam Brown (of Paper Stone Instruments):

Kinematic is the fusion of my ideas as a composer and the collaborative input of session musicians to form uniquely organic, inspiring instruments for Kontakt.”

Kinematic composer cello and pads

Liz Hanks

Liz Hanks (Richard Hawley, Self Esteem, Pulp, Liam Gallagher).

Liz Hanks is a cellist, composer and collaborator based in Sheffield.

While she has worked with an impressive array of high-profile artists across many different genres, she is particularly drawn to folk, Indian classical, and other music traditions.

As a session cellist she has recently completed the Netflix soundtrack for ‘Sex Education’ series 3 and can be heard on the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ video game amongst countless other credits.


14 Cello NKIs

  • KCC 1. Arco Cello
  • KCC 2. Arco Vibrato Cello
  • KCC 3. Sul Pont Cello
  • KCC 4. Sul Pont Vib Cello
  • KCC 5. Trem Cello
  • KCC 6. Trem Chaos Cello
  • KCC 7. 5th Osc Cello
  • KCC 8. Short Cresc Acc
  • KCC 9. Acc Dim Cello
  • KCC 10. Gliss Tone Up Down Cello
  • KCC 11. Perc Hits Cello
  • KCC 12. Pizz Legato Cello
  • KCC 13. Pizz Staccato Cello
  • KCC 14. Spic Cello

14 Extended Range NKIs

Each NKI has an ‘Extended Version’ with stretched pitch at the highest and lowest ranges.

9 Analog Pad NKIs

  • KCC Roland Juno Pads (x3)
  • KCC Korg Monopoly Pads (x3)
  • KCC Moog Pads (x3)

14 Multis - pairing Raw Cello patches with complementary Analogue Pads

  • Arco with Subtle Juno
  • Arco Vib with Mellow Juno
  • Sul Pont with Character Juno
  • Sul Pont with Moog Match
  • Tremolo with Flutesque Moog
  • Tremolo Chaos with Dark Korg
  • Distant 5th Osc with Deep Korg
  • Cresc with Moog Rise and Korg Bass
  • Acc Dim with Moog Tension
  • Gliss Tone Up and Hold with Korg
  • Pizz Legato with Juno Sustain
  • Pizz Staccato Verb Into Moog Brood
  • Spic Verb into Korg Brood and Sul Pont
  • All Analogue Pads

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