KONSTRUKTOR focuses on the beauty and flexibility of pure acoustic-synthetic blends: carefully designed electronic kits and custom-constructed acoustic percussion—assembled from plastic, paper, wood, and metal—are the backbone of this instrument.

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Konstructor - Blended Acoustic & Electronic Percussion

From the start Klüsterkitt was about capturing the dirt and rattle of new and exotic acoustic sound sources, then blending and sculpting those wonderfully noisy, full-spectrum stereo sounds with synthesized ones.

The hunt for fresh, distinctive percussive sounds was a process of experimentation using a range of de/reconstructed acoustic objects. The four dozen instruments born from this process formed the sound palettes for Konstruktor, Fabrikator, and Rezonator. Playing techniques were honed to produce the most useful and interesting articulations for recording.

Session samples were then selectively mixed with pure tone waveforms, each tailored to color and transform them into new, truly hybridized rhythm instruments. Supplemented by fully acoustic variants and over 200 synthetic percussion sources, the result is a kit builder of astonishing depth and character.

One Step Further

What acoustic-synthetic blending did for the individual instruments, convolution would do for the drum kit. Almost 400 impulses were designed using vinyl/radio/tape/digital noise and static, particulate and granular effects, digital and acoustic sound effects, frequency modeling, mic effects and chorusing, and stereo imaging.

Some impulses are designed to affect particular frequency ranges, or to expand the feeling of depth and space around them, while others are designed to enhance the stereo image, create audio effects, or to generate interesting syncopations and multirhythms. Many of the impulses are designed to add dirt and texture to samples.

Packed with this kit builder are 108 beautifully constructed kits of big, full-sounding drums: acoustic-flavored synthetic drums and synthetic-flavored acoustic drums. Now with multi-out capability. Get inspired.

True Hybrid Drums

Konstruktor is a hybrid drum designer and kit builder that blends acoustic sound sources with synthesized waveforms. Together with both fully acoustic and fully synthetic elements, this kit builder creates truly hybrid drums for designing rhythms with a unique, fresh new sound.

Convolution Colors

Model each kit slot with its own convolution plugin: nearly 400 custom impulses that color, shape, distort, and augment the drum samples. Thicken kick drums, smear and widen snares, turn hi-hats into mini rhythm engines. Glitchbomb, Drumrust, Echoglitz, Boomscope…

Robot or Human?

Control the amount of randomization that is applied to velocity and quantization—separately for each kit slot. Make those snares and hi-hats extra trashy. And with 6 round-robin layers for every articulation, even fully synthetic kits can find a new groove. Let those kits run loose.

Performance Control

Adjustments to tuning, sample start points, decay envelopes, and sample width can also be used to control how different convolution impulses color an instrument. Konstruktor is multi-out capable: kit slots can be routed to separate output channels for automation control and 3rd party plugins.

Filter Control

Each of the 7 kit slots has three dedicated, independently selectable lowpass, bandpass, and highpass filters, each with dedicated cutoff and resonance knobs for on-the-fly switching. Filtering offers another way to control how the convolution impulse colors the sound.

Smart randomization

A powerful kit-building tool, this feature preserves the kit’s performance controls and offers three randomization modes: sample banks only, convo choices only, or both. With two temporary memory slots for comparing new combos, tailor settings then save a snapshot of your new kit.


Konstruktor requires the full version of Kontakt 5.7.1 or later (the instrument cannot be used in the free Kontakt Player).

5/5 stars. Not being mainstream makes this library so unique as you get new, original, individual kits...blend between entirely acoustic and synthetic elements and mix to taste...humanization and round-robin shifting assures the realism that hybrid perc needs...different convolution impulses to enlarge, sully and excite the drums.


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