LDW 1973

Introducing our first drums for Kontakt: the LDW 1973, a vintage Ludwig kit paired with Zildjian cymbals.

The kit is recorded using the renowned Glyn Johns technique with four microphones.

Each drum element features a unique blend of all four mics, consolidated into a single sample for the optimal sound.

While you won’t be able to control each mic per element separately during processing, this approach offers a streamlined and efficient workflow.

You get a mixer with a fader per element, ensuring quick and effective results.

In summary, our method provides an optimal and efficient workflow, delivering fast and impressive outcomes for cinema, rock or any other genre.

Please note: FULL retail version of Kontakt 7.1.3 or later is required. NOT for Kontakt Player.

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Dark Intervals


500 MB


LDW 1973 - A Vintage Ludwig Kit Combined With Zildijan Cymbals

All elements are sampled with 7 round robins, and the dynamic layers vary depending on the element.

For example, the snare has 7 dynamic layers, the kick has 6, and the toms have 5.

We aimed to achieve the perfect balance between instrument size, natural sound, and efficient workflow.

LDW 1973 main GUI

Kit Elements

  • Kick
  • Snare
  • Tom 1
  • Tom 2
  • Floor Tom
  • Hi-Hat
  • Crash
  • Splash
  • Ride
  • Cowbell

In addition to the four mics blended into a single sample, each sample has been processed with an external Bricasti M7 reverb unit.

This reverb layer, called “ROOM” in our interface, can be added using a dedicated control knob.

The “ROOM” can be blended with the original signal for each kit element separately or globally for the entire kit.

This feature adds an extra dimension of realism to the drum sound, bringing it to life.

You can hear this enhancement in our audio demos below.

Product Info

  • 500 mb unzipped size
  • 48000 khz, 24-bit quality
  • 10 kit elements
  • up to 7 round robins
  • up to 7 dynamic layers​
  • 1000 samples

System Requirements

  • Any PC or Mac that can run Kontakt 7.1.3
  • Full Kontakt 7.1.3 or higher
  • Free Kontakt Player is not supported!!!
  • 8gb of RAM or more
  • 500 mb of disk space