LSP Origin

LSP (Layer Synthesis Project): Origin is a library focused on creating dark and eerie atmospheres for your project.

This is a hugely flexible sample instrument based upon the layering of over 400 complex soundsand samples which can be individually morphed in a number of ways and layered with up to 3 other samples.

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Spaectrum Arts




LSP: Origin - Combine Multiple Layers for Dark & Eerie Soundscapes

LSP: Origin features a 4 simultaneous track playback system using a base of 400 sounds. These can be played forwards and backwards and the start and end of each track can be defined. The tracks can be modulated in many way using advanced functions. You can modulate the volume, pan, tuning, effects of each separate tracks in a profound way.

LSP: Origin has a randomisation feature, allowing the user to instantly create amazing combination of sounds. The randomisation feature is completely tweakable. You can adjust the amount of randomisation for every parameter.

The library comes with over 300 presets to start off with. More will be added at no cost through time.

The library contains the full version of the library, and a simplified version:

  • 400 unique sounds in 44.1kHz – 24-bits wav.
  • Millions of combinations.
  • Play each tracks forward & backward.
  • Tune each track individually.
  • Choose the start & end loop of each track.
  • 40 envelopes and 20 LFOs for Advanced modulation.
  • 4 Chains of 8 effects assignable on any individual track.
  • Fully customisable randomisation feature.
  • 23 Impulse Responses.
  • Kontakt 5 library.


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