LUPUS for Kontakt is a real-time loop slicer and re-arranger and is designed to give you complete freedom, by allowing you to drag and drop your own samples.

Choose a single loop to play or play all loops at once. Use different start and ending points for syncopation.

Please note: FULL retail version of Kontakt 6.7.1 or later is required. NOT for Kontakt Player.

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Lupus - Real-Time Loop Slicer and Re-Arranger for Kontakt

Slice Loops in Sixteenths

Freely draw in the slice playback order. Use line up/down tools to quickly set up forward or backwards playback.

Reverse Loop Playback

Use the reverse buttons to play back the slices reversed.

Pitch Modulation

User per-step pitch modulation to spice things up. Each pattern can have a different strength of pitch modulation.

Change the Timbre of Loops

Use formant control to completely alter the timbre and tonality of any loop.

Delay-Based Flam Effect

Make loops sound metallic and electronic by using per-step flam effects.

Loop Transposing via MIDI Notes

Blue keys toggle patterns 1 to 4. Red key holds the current pattern step. Orange keys transpose loops in real time.

Lupus at a Glance

  • Drag and drop your own wav loops
  • High-quality time-stretching algorithm
  • re-arrange and slice your loops in real time
  • Four switchable patterns, full randomisation
  • Formant control, Flam effect, Pitch modulation
  • Real time loop transposing via MIDI notes
  • Editing helpers, LP/HP combfilter
  • Formant envelope order control to adapt formant shifting to different types of source material
  • Use MIDI controllers 102-105 to remote control tables
  • PLEASE NOTE: Lupus does not come with any loops

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