Melancholia is a comprehensive guitar tool for melancholy, sadness, sorrow, emptiness and every emotion in between in your tracks.

– emotional and atmospheric mixes based on an electric guitar;
– multi-sampled hybrid sound design instruments;
– emotional low pads and drones;
– assembled from acclaimed Melancholic Guitar & Immersion;
– brand new GUI with extended sound design possibilities;
– requires 5.38 GB on your harddrive;
– requires full retail version of NI Kontakt 5.8.0+.

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Sketch Sampling


5.38 GB


Melancholia by Sketch Sampling

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All in One

Melancholia brings sadness, sorrow, emptiness, depression and every emotion in between. It works instantly in your track – in both complex parts or just a couple of notes. Rebuilt from two acclaimed libraries, Melancholic Guitar and Immersion, and featuring new contents, Melancholia becomes an intuitive and powerful tool.

A Complete Set

Melancholia contains everything to create an immersive sonic world: an electric guitar sampled through custom effect chains, mangled and twisted sound design instruments and enveloping ambiences. Everything is built into the single Kontakt shell for instant access to all contents.


Melancholia brings more sound design possibilities with the new interface. With all necessary settings, 10 creative effects and several step sequencers, you can create your own sonic palette instantly. The advanced randomizer system will help you to discover new edges of emotions.

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