Membranes: DrumMash

Membranes is a series of free Kontakt – based sample libraries to expand your musical palette! No complex user interfaces. Everything is simple!

Each of the Membranes solves it’s task quickly and accurately. Just download and try!

(5 customer reviews)


Syrinx Samples


0.2 GB



This is a library of 5 different, most popular drum machine kits (over 800 samples) that you can use to create modern electronic drum parts in different genres, or creative cinematic percussion textures.

Adjust the pitch of sounds with Pitch, change the essence of the sound with the Color knob, create a special tone with the LP and HP filters, or add dimension with the special IR preset and the Reverb knob.

  • Requires the Full Version of NI Kontakt 6.1.1 or higher (not compatible with Kontakt Player)
  • Includes Wav files (48kHz, 24bit)
  • Installed size: 0.2Gb

5 reviews for Membranes: DrumMash

  1. [email protected]

    I have not listened as of yet.

  2. mohammad nassar (verified owner)

    Good instrument for making some 80s vibes , controling reverb and controling the pitch is very useful.

  3. Sheldon Tam (verified owner)

    Quite interesting.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Not for my music genre

  5. Jafet Figueroa (verified owner)

    Cada paquete de sonido es una herramienta más para desarrollar tu creatividad, gracias.

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