Mezza Coda

The baby grand counterpart to Verticale is here. Mezza Coda offers a rich and authentic sound that captures the nuances and beauty of a baby grand piano, enhanced by the warmth and character of two unique signal layers.

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Mezza Coda by Sonora Cinematic

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Included in Mezza Coda is the same “cassette” layer found in our popular Verticale sample library, which adds a vintage vibe and a touch of grit to the already stunning sound of the baby grand piano.


Additionally, Mezza Coda features a brand new signal layer called “Distbox,” which was sampled using the Portastudio as a distortion device.

We recorded a stereo mix of the piano to cassette while hitting the Portastudio preamps with a very hot signal, and then slowing down the tape. The result is a raw, distorted signal that adds a unique character and texture to the sound of the piano, perfect for adding an edge to your music or creating lo-fi vibes.
With its unique combination of warmth, clarity, depth, and character, Mezza Coda is perfect for a wide range of musical genres, from media scoring and jazz to pop and electronica. Discover the power of a world-class baby grand piano sample library with a vintage and gritty twist.


Just like Verticale, Mezza Coda offers three different mic positions, all stereo pairs: room and two different spot mics.

There is a pair of ribbons and a pair of large diaphragm condensers which will give you complete control over the tonal character of the piano. Simply activate the microphones using the little dot at the bottom of the fader, and route them to different channels if you want to mix them separately in your DAW.


Mezza Coda includes two sends to reverb and delay, both featuring multiple modes. You’ll also find a Color knob which works in a similar way to a tilt EQ – move it to the left for a darker sound with more body, or move to the right for a thinner, brighter sound. Meanwhile, use the Sync Toggle to switch between tempo sync musical values and milliseconds.

For a real nostalgic sound, explore the Cassette section with the Crunch control for some really juicy tape saturation, and Lo-Fi – a macro that controls Bit and Sample Rate reduction. Want your audio to sound REALLY vintage? Just select mono!


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