Morphzilla is a sample pack and a dual layer sample library, created in Kontakt for producers, composers, musicians and sound designers.

With near infinite sound creation capabilities that blur the boundaries between music and sound design, MZ includes a large collection of organic, electronic sounds, field recordings & found sounds.

Please note: FULL retail version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or later is required. NOT for Kontakt Player.

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2.7 GB



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Morphzilla - Dark & Twisted to Beautiful & Unique

The sample pack is organised into the following categories – Textured drones, evolving pads, impacts & FX, microscopic glitches and ghostly atmospheres.

Morphing between music and sound design, MZ is dark, twisted and nasty but also uniquely beautiful too.

Combine, twist, sculpt and morph this unique library and create your own sonic patches. 

Includes dusty pads, nasty impacts, beautiful textured soundscapes and delicate sound design elements. 

Edit the sample start of each sound, reverse and morph the samples in each menu independently, then combine and crossfade these using the modulation wheel. 

Use the sequencer to create unique patterns for delicate underscores & glitchy rhythms.

Paired with the dedicated effects page and the versatile main page provides numerous options to create your own unique sound palette. 

One NKI file with 2 sample menus holding 574 unique, carefully crafted sounds and 100 Snapshots (Kontakt version).

It’s ready for you to delve in to the simple user interface and create your own unique instrument patches for each project.

Some of the raw sounds which have been processed and feature in Morphzilla include – fire, ice, fans, clicks and bleeps, alarms, microscopic glitches, circuits, switches, circuit bent instruments, crickets and other insects, vocals, prepared and bowed guitars, bowed metals, engines, field recordings, steam trains, and many other found sounds.


  • Custom Kontakt Script
  • 1 x NKI file – sound selection via inbuilt menus (2 Layer menus)
  • 287 wav files
  • 2.7 GB downloaded
  • 44.1Khz / 24Bit .wav
  • Kontakt and .wav
  • Kontakt 5.8.1 or later (Full Version) Does not work in the FREE version of Kontakt
  • 100 x Snapshots


“Morphzilla is great! Such a useful tool to create atmosphere.It’s really simple to use and only takes a few minutes to grasp the basics to create unique sounds quickly. I can’t wait to use it on a project.”

Sam Watts, Composer for TV, Film and Theatre,Wizards vs Aliens, Planet Earth, The Sarah Jane Adventures

“It sounds great and will be a very useful resource. Very intuitive interface too.”

Grant Olding, Award Winning Composer for Theatre, TV and Film, Monsters Behind the Iron Curtain, Twelfth Night, Saving Santa

“Fantastic Kontakt instrument for anyone looking for unconventional noises. In barely a few seconds you can easily create evolving drones, beds and textures. But you can also create swipes and impacts too. There’s really nothing else out there quite like this.”

Jonathan Sharp – Library / Production Music Composer

Version History

Version 3.0

  • 100 + New Samples
  • Sample Pack (24bit Wav Files)
  • GUI update

Version 2.0

  • Sequencer (up to 64 step)
  • Dedicated effects page including Distortion, Tape Saturator, Compressor, Delay & Reverb
  • New minimal UI

Version 1.5

  • Independent tune function for both layer
  • Looped samples (mainly drones and pads and some rhythmical glitch patches are now looped) smaller hits and impacts are left as they were.
  • Next/Previous buttons to quickly scroll through the samples for each layer
  • User Sample groups for you to add your own samples (WAV or AIFF)
  • The samples are now uncompressed wavs instead of the original Kontakt ncw files, so you can import them into your DAW without having to spend time converting them.

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