Off World Volume 2

With 45 source sounds and 49 (and counting) artist presets, Off World Volume 2 is a collection of evocative, living and breathing textures, soundscapes and pads, hand crafted from a single string, then morphed and processed to create new otherworldly sonic landscapes – from wobbly tape dust and broken oscillators to expansive evolving textures, all powered by the new SHAPE engine, unlocking a world of endless creative potential.

This is the perfect companion to Off World Vol. 1 (not required to run Vol. 2).

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Bunker Samples


Off-World Vol. 2 by Bunker Samples

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Off World Volume 2 - A World From A Single String

All 45 source sounds in this library have the same mother: the single string of a Vietnamese Dan Bau, a monochord instrument with a unique timbre and a highly expressive pitch handle, which was meticulously sampled in unconventional ways to create sounds that live and breathe and have a human feel to them. 

From the mellow pitch wobble of the E-bow recordings, to the more synth-like textures of the bowed samples, these sounds are ideal for creating atmospheric and engaging sound beds in film, TV and game scoring. But the raw sounds themselves are only half the story…

Powered By Shape

Introducing SHAPE, a brand dual-layer engine with endless creative possibilities. 

Designed from the ground up to be powerful, yet quick and easy to use, SHAPE makes it a breeze to take the included sounds in completely new directions and make the sounds unique to you and your music.

Custom LFO Shapes

At the heart of the SHAPE engine are four LFOs (two per layer), that you can use to control volume, pan and up to four effect parameters per layer – and best of all, you can draw any shape you want and have it run at any speed you want, in perfect sync with your host tempo. 

You can for example use one LFO as a gate sequencer while another is slowly changing reverb dry/wet levels. With 12 modulation targets in total, it is incredibly easy to add intricate movement and life to your sound.

FX Chains That Move

In each layer you can add up to four effects from a choice of 15 different effects types, including 17 different filter subtypes, giving you hundred of ways to mess with your sound. 

Each effect has one parameter that can be controlled by the custom LFO shapes; simply select the upper or lower LFO with a single mouse click, adjust the intensity and things start to move. 

The intensity sliders are bi-polar, so making controls move in opposite directions is as simple as dragging up on one slider, and down on another. When you are happy with the sound of each layer, you can then further shape your sound with up to four master effects.

See And Control Everything

While SHAPE is an incredibly powerful engine capable of complex sound transformation, it is also designed to be quick and easy to use. 

All controls, apart from master effects, are visible on a single page, and knobs that are being modulated move in real time, so you can always see exactly what’s going on, even when your sound design gets complex. 

And should you forget how everything works, there’s a quick-help available with a single mouse click.

Shape At A Glance

  • 45 source sounds – organised from mellow to gritty.
  • Dual-Layer engine – layer any two source sounds to create new textures.
  • Independent Volume, Pan, Tune and ADSR controls – sculpt your sound.
  • 4 user-selectable effect per layer – chose from 15 different effects to manipulate your sound.
  • 2 custom LFOs per layer – draw any shape you want – go beyond the standard LFO shapes.
  • Modulate Volume, Pan and up to 4 effect parameters per layer – add movement to your sound.
  • Bi-polar modulation intensity sliders – finely craft complex evolving sounds.
  • 4 user-selectable master effects.
  • Global velocity sensitivity and expression controls.

Shape Effects

  • Filter (17 subtypes)
  • 1 band EQ
  • Tape Sat
  • Distortion
  • Lo-Fi
  • Rotator
  • Stereo Width
  • Delay
  • Chorus
  • Flanger
  • Phaser
  • Convolution Reverb
  • Reverb
  • Compressor
  • Limiter

Available Filter Subtypes:

  • LP 1
  • LP 2
  • LP 3
  • LP 4
  • HP 1
  • HP 2
  • HP 3
  • HP 4
  • BP 2
  • BP 4
  • Peak
  • Notch
  • Formant I
  • Formant II
  • Phaser
  • Vowel A
  • Vowel B

Included Sounds

  • E-bow (m)
  • E-bow (bright)
  • Bowed
  • Bowed (bright)
  • Bowed waves
  • Unstable beauty
  • Mellow wobble
  • Space bells
  • Evolving atmosphere
  • Chill out
  • Mellow tape
  • Broken piano
  • Dark piano
  • Evolving backwards
  • Dark stars
  • Dark space
  • Buzzing waves
  • Bowed tape
  • Bowed tape (bright)
  • Amped up
  • Lo-fi waves
  • Piano
  • Bright on top
  • Overdrive
  • Sparkly synth
  • Breathy synth
  • Breathy marimba
  • Distorted piano
  • Fizzy space
  • Hollow breaths
  • 80s synth
  • String machine
  • Massive space
  • Broken oscillator (m)
  • The big buzz
  • Octave phaser
  • Rolling waves
  • Unstable dirt
  • Chilled plucks
  • Reversed plucks
  • Bright cloud plucks
  • Muted cloud plucks
  • Sparse plucks
  • Smeared tapping
  • Dense tapping

Artist Presets

  • INIT – a blank slate to start from
  • 3 against 2 pulses (NN)
  • Bowed glass (NN)
  • Broken synth (NN)
  • BS 64′ Organ Pedals (AM)
  • BS Brutal E Piano Bass (AM)
  • BS Dark Territory (AM)
  • BS Fretless Upright (AM)
  • BS Solid Bond (AM)
  • Cosmic rays (NN)
  • Dirty pulsator (MW)
  • Distant glitch (NN)
  • Distorted Risers (LM)
  • Don’t play bladerunner (NN)
  • Flickering lights (NN)
  • Interstellar bliss (NN)
  • KY ANA PPG Stack (AM)
  • KY B3 Rotary Bliss (AM)
  • KY Chapel Sparkles (AM)
  • KY Dawn of Time (AM)
  • KY Delayed Response (AM)
  • KY Elemental (AM)
  • KY Heavy Strumming (AM)
  • KY MKS Piano Stack (AM)
  • KY Octave Strings (AM)
  • KY Popcorn Xylo (AM)
  • KY Psaltery (AM)
  • KY Refections E Piano (AM)
  • KY Simple Statement (AM)
  • KY Violin Ensemble (AM)
  • LD Portatone Lead (AM)
  • LD Wired Lead (AM)
  • Lows & Highs (MW)
  • Messy pulse (LM)
  • Northern lights (NN)
  • PD ’80s Warm Pad (AM)
  • PD Airy Embers (AM)
  • PD Glistening Sanctuary (AM)
  • PD LA Synth in Space (AM)
  • PD Soundtrack (AM)
  • Rhythmic intensity (LM)
  • SC  Slow Evolution (AM)
  • SC Alien Lander (AM)
  • SC Heaven’s Gate (AM)
  • SC They’re Here (AM)
  • Slow waves (NN)
  • Strumming strings pad (MW)
  • Subtle pulses (NN)
  • Warm swells (LM)

*) Presets by Maciej Wójcik (MW), Leo Mayr (LM), Amphilium (AM), Nicolaj Nielsen (NN)

Product Info

  • 45 source sounds
  • 49 artist presets
  • 5,59 GB lossless compressed size
  • 422 samples
  • Built in quick-help feature
  • Requires the FULL version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.7.3 or later. It will NOT work in the free Kontakt Player.


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