Orb Trumpets

Orb Trumpets is a proof-of-concept release that is created entirely out of performances.

Recorded in Orb Studios in Austin, TX – the goal was to create a trumpet patch that took our Adventure-style programming techniques to a more natural-sounding level using samples derived from phrases. It’s trickier to program and hone, but the resulting fluidity is compelling.


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Musical Sampling


240 MB


Orb Trumpets by Musical Sampling

2 Videos

Orb Trumpets - Two Stunningly Realistic Trumpets for Kontakt

Like our larger orchestral releases, the Adventure-style programming requires no keyswitching. For quicker notes, you’re going to want to play within the 1-100 velocity range. For longer notes, 101-127 provides a slightly broader attack. Switching between the two provides an effective approximation of how brass players tend to shape certain notes within a variety of phrases.

Tuning was lightly done to taste instead of destructively tuning it with software. We retained the natural biases in intonation up the range/dynamics while pulling in the more squirrely notes, resulting in a more natural temperament.


  • Adventure Workhorse
  • Adventure (FFF Sus Layer)
  • Stac & Stacmo (VEL Switching)
  • Stac & Stacmo (MW Switching)
  • No Filter versions of above


  • Two-trumpet section
  • Keyswitch-less “Adventure” programming
  • Two velocity-sensitive attack types
  • Entirely performance-sourced sampling
  • Tighter studio recordings
  • Hand-tuned to taste — no destructive tuning
  • Adjustable reverb of custom hall impulse


  • Requires full retail version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher
  • Free Kontakt Player NOT supported
  • Recorded in 48khz / 24bit
  • 240 MB compressed NCW format


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