Oscillation Strings

Oscillation Strings by Ben Osterhouse is a Kontakt library which specializes in gentle repeated note swells.

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Ben Osterhouse - Oscillation Strings


For all of the articulations, you can choose between violin, viola, cello, or bass. Everything has been recorded dry, close-mic’d, and is doubled (two instances layered together). It’s easy to achieve a realistic chamber strings sound this way.

Two different types of legato samples

Note Change shifts land decisively as a bow change happens during the note-change. Portamento shifts provide a more gliss-y and romantic note-change.

Purge unused samples

If all the samples are loaded at once, it takes up a hefty chunk of memory! To lighten the load, there are options to purge (unload from RAM) unused Rhythms, unused Swells, or andor unused Instruments.


  • Energetic eighth notes
  • Medium Quarter notes recorded at two different speeds: 90 and 120bpm.
  • Broad, expressive half notes

Double or Halve timestretching

Everything tempo-syncs, so if the project bpm is too fast or slow, samples may get overstretched and sound un-natural. The interface includes options to halve or double the speed of everything, to avoid this overstretching.


  • Instruments – violin, viola, cello, or bass
  • Rhythms – Energetic eighth notes – Medium Quarter notes – Broad expressive half notes
  • Swells
  • Custom Compression System
  • Custom Swells
  • Polyphonic Legato
  • Two different types of legato samples
  • Double or Halve timestretching
    Purge unused samples
    11427 Samples .ncw compressed


  • Requires KONTAKT 6.3.1 Full Version
  • NOT compatible with Kontakt Player
  • Operating System: N/A
  • RAM: 4GB+


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