Palm Mute Piano

The PSI Palm Mute Piano is a unique Kontakt instrument created by meticulously sampling a Grand Piano using finger dampening to create what is essentially a brand new instrument.

Please Note: The full version of Kontakt 4.2.3 or above is required. Not compatible with Kontakt Player

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Palm Mute Piano by Paper Stone Instruments

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Palm Mute Piano - Cinematic Finger Dampened for Kontakt

The Piano has been sampled in 3 individual articulations to create the widest range of tones possible, staccato, sustained, and the epic sounding pedalled. The recordings have also been made using 3 microphone positions which can be individually controlled and blended to maximise the range of obtainable sounds and effects.

Palm Mute Piano was recorded in Studio 2 of Paper Stone Studios in Nottingham, UK, a converted cinema auditorium dating back to 1914 with incredible acoustics. This combined with with a class A signal chain has given the PMP a beautifully captured rich and characterful sound all of its own.

The piano was sampled within a keyrange of A-1 to C5

Recording Equipment

  • Close – C414 B-ULS, API 3124MB preamp, Prism converters.
  • Stereo – Neumann KM184 pair, Focusrite ISA Preamps, Prism converters
  • Room – Pair of Neumann U87 AI, API 3142MB preamp, Prism converters

Palm Mute Piano is a unique and creative slant on an otherwise familiar instrument, offering whole new ways of employing the sound of a piano in your music. From intricate harmonic-like lines, to ethereal pads, Palm Muted Piano is a surprisingly versatile musical tool.


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