Pandeiro Brasileiro

Brazilian Pandeiro by Diego Amaral (Brazil in Trio). With a recording session held in the artist’s studio, this library offers the sound of the leather pandeiro typically used in Brazilian musical productions, ranging from instrumental music to popular songs.

Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.8 or higher – not compatible with Kontakt Player.

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Diego Amaral

He began his studies in Rio Verde-Goiás and graduated in Music Education from the Federal University of Goiás in 2007. He acted as a guest musician at the 30th National Music Festival of the State of Goiás playing the Suite Portraits by Radamés Gnattali with musicians Joel Nascimento, Luiz Otávio Braga and Luciano Baradel, in 2005.

In 2014 he had the release of the cd – “BRASIL IN TRIO INTERPRETA ALESSANDRO BRANCO”, work conceived together with the musicians Julio Lemos (seven string guitar) and Everton Luiz (winds), in which he acted as a percussionist and arranger. The group’s proposal is to interpret consecrated works within the musical genres Samba, Bossa Nova, Choro, Baião, Maracatu, among others, developing a cameristic conception. July 2014 held a workshop and show at the dance and percussion school “7 OCTAVOS” in the city of Buenos Aires (Argentina). At the end of 2014 he participated in the recording as a percussionist on the Dvd “Banda Pequi, Nelson fez e João Bosco”. In 2015 she performed a European tour of shows and workshops with the group “BRASIL IN TRIO” in the cities of Madrid (Spain), Évora (Portugal) and Paris (France).

At the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016, he performed the second European concert tour with the group “BRASIL IN TRIO” in the cities of Paris (France), Zurich (Switzerland) and Barcelona (Spain).

In 2018/January I made a live recording of the DVD “Banda Pequi, Carlos Malta and Lenine at Sesi Theater/Goiânia, where I was a musician/percussionist.
In July 2018, he toured China with the group “BRASIL IN TRIO” in the cities of Beijing and Shanghai.

In the same year of 2018, the group “BRASIL IN TRIO” performed in November a tour of concerts and workshops in the USA (California) passing through the cities of San Diego, Encinitas, Oceanside, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Oakland and Sousalito.

In January 2019, he performed the second concert tour to China with the group “BRASIL IN TRIO” held in the city of Beijing, along with the Brazilian embassy.

Product information

  • Number of samples: +600 samples  (48kHz)
  • Round robins: up to 5
  • Microphonation: 2 Mics
  • Space required: 400 MB
  • For Kontakt full, version 5.8 (or higher)

Patch List

  • hits
  • Loop Chorinho 60 bpm
  • Chorinho loop 100 bpm
  • Forró Loop 80 bpm
  • Forró Loop 100 bpm
  • Loop Maracatu
  • Loop Samba-Funk 100 bpm
  • Loop Trap 150 bpm


  • C1:  Thumb hit (Tensioned drumhead).
  • C#1: Finger hit (Loose Drumhead).
  • D1:  Open Handed hit.
  • F1:  Thumb hit (transitioning loose to tensioned drumhead).
  • F#1: Wrist Tap.
  • G1:  finger tap (transitioning loose to tensioned drumhead).
  • G#1: Finger hit on cymbals.
  • C2:  Thumb hit (Loose drumhead).
  • C#2: Finger Hit (Tensioned drumhead).
  • D2:  Thumbslap rimshot. 
  • F2:  (transição da pele relaxada para tensionada).
  • F#2: Finger hit on cymbals. 
  • G2:  Finger tap (Transitionging tensioned to loose drumhead).
  • G#2: Roll. 
  • C3: Thumb hit (B2 controls drumhead tension – Tensioned or loose).


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