Plankton Drummer

Plankton Drummer from Sound Dust is a one-of-a-kind drum device that offers an impressive array of high-quality sounds. This remarkable instrument is designed to effortlessly spark creativity and inspire fresh rhythms by providing a diverse selection of classic and distinctive sounds.

Featuring a collection of 72 instruments and over 3000 samples, PLANKTON DRUMMER incorporates iconic drum machines such as the Roland 909 and Orbital’s MACHINEDRUM, as well as meticulously recorded acoustic drum kits. Additionally, it offers an intriguing assortment of unconventional and unexpected sounds, adding a touch of unpredictability to your compositions.

What truly sets PLANKTON DRUMMER apart is its innovative plankton sequencing system. With 12 keys, each equipped with its own independent sequencer, you can effortlessly trigger sounds and apply various effects, granting you a level of control and flexibility that is truly unparalleled.

Requires the FULL version of Kontakt 5.8 and above – not compatible with Kontakt Player.

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Sound Dust


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Plankton Drummer by Sound Dust

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First and foremost, PLANKTON DRUMMER is a unique drum device packed with really great sounds. It excels in quickly inspiring new rthymns from a wide variety of classic and unique sounds.

72 instruments, over 3000 samples from Classic drum machines (including the Roland 909 and MACHINEDRUM of Orbital), beautifully recorded acoustic drum kits and a fascinating gamut of unlikely wild card sounds.

The PLANKTON DRUMMER magic is in the unique plankton sequencing system. 12 keys with their own independent sequencer to trigger sounds and FX.

The Sounds - and where to find them

*A Harmonic Drum Machine

I don’t think anyone has tried this before, it’s pretty exciting – here’s how it works…

All 72 sounds in PLANKTON DRUMMER have the fundamental note tuned as closely as possible to something that resembles a useful pitch. This isn’t an exact science because snares, high hats etc have a lot of complex harmonics bouncing around – it’s do-able, but tricky. Electronic components are a bit more open to being kicked into shape.

So, the C5 BOOM key is loaded with electronic kick sounds that are tuned to C, the D5 DOOF key is loaded with acoustic kicks that are tuned (if possible) to D, the B5 FULL KIT key is loaded with full acoustic and electronic drum kits that are all tuned (if possible) to a B etc…

Set key to C# and scale to Hungarian Gypsy and those Cs will play as C#, D stays where it is and B becomes a C – told you it was exciting : )

Play the C5 BOOM key and the sequencer and FX that are specific to that note are opened, you can rummage around to your hearts content and not affect other notes.

Hit FX LANES to control FX with a sequencer.

With BEND ON the sequenced notes, will move through the notes of the chosen scale/key – or not : )

VEL DEPTH controls how much affect the green velocity lane has on volume. Right click to learn and use a midi controller to create pattern nuance and drum rolls.

It's not an exact science

PLANKTON DRUMMER is above all playful and intuitive, it quickly helps you develop unexpected and original ideas. Combine the kick of a Roland 909 with a flabby Ludwig snare, percussion from the OPTIGAN and modular high hats. Quickly load a Reggaeton kick pattern and play it against the snare pattern of ’50 ways to leave your lover’ with trap hi-hats. Quantize the pitch to A# Bebop minor – THIS IS ALL POSSIBLE!

‘It is a realm of boundless possibility, a sanctuary for the curious and the visionary. Enter, if you dare, the domain of the PLANKTON DRUMMER Surrender yourself to its allure, and you shall find yourself forever transformed, bewitched by its playful whispers and ensnared in its sonic embrace.’

Chat GPT wrote this – but it makes a good point

What's Inside ?

PLANKTON DRUMMER – the small print

  • 1 Kontakt instrument
  • 33 full track snapshots
  • 110 single track presets
  • over 3000 samples
  • 620MB download
  • 72 tuned percussion instruments
  • ​12 sequencers
  • Scale and key quantizer includes Pitch Wheel
  • 36 scale types
  • 6 octaves of articulations
  • 72 articulator engines with 11 algorithms
  • Huge, non-fiddly GUi
  • Classic Sound Dust RTFM instruction manual built into the interface

12 sequencers-keys c5 to b5

  • 1 sequencer per note
  • 6 sounds per note
  • Sequence lanes for sample select, quantized pitch, decay and velocity
  • 3 FX lanes selectable from 15 FX destinations
  • Multiple play rates
  • 1 to 64 steps
  • Swing, drag and humanize controls
  • 2 round robin types and dropout control

Scale & Key Quantize

  • 36 scale types
  • 12 keys
  • Unique quantized pitch wheel scans through scale
  • automation friendly

ARTICULATORS- keys c-1 to b4

  • 1 algorithmic articulator engine per note
  • 11 algorithms
  • Flam, Drag, Ruff, Roll, Buzz, 16ths, 8ths, ALGOs 1 to 4

Independent FX PER note

  • Volume
  • Soft ( attack time)
  • Sample start
  • Pan
  • Transient Designer – attack & sustain
  • Filth – tube or transistor saturation
  • Bits – bit depth & sample rate
  • 4 band EQ
  • Delay
  • Convolution reverb

Custom Impulse Response

  • 122 custom IRs per note
  • DRONE sections add tuned drone sounds


  • Controls for every articulation
  • Volume, Pan, IR mix and Snap
  • Master low and high pass filters
  • Master IR reverb unit


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